With the First Overall Pick..

With the first overall pick in the 2017 NBA Draft, the Boston Celtics select…

Josh Jackson.jpg

Josh Jackson, small forward from Kansas. I know, a lot of you won’t agree but hear me out.

I love Josh Jackson. Probably the most athletic and best two-way player in this year’s draft. Jackson would bring immidiate help to the Celtics, especially on the defensive side and with some time could turn into a stud offensively.

Some arguments against Fultz. He played at Washington, a school that doesn’t play against tough competition yet his team only won nine games. A player who is suppose to be considered the best college basketball player should be able to lead his team to more than nine wins against mediocre competition. Also I love Isaiah Thomas, why push him out of Boston like that?

Some arguments against Ball. He is super slow especially with his shot. He’s not as athletically gifted as other point guards who reign supreme. I would HATE if the Celtics selected Lonzo Ball, especially having to deal with LaVar Ball at the games.



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