Another Body Found In The Charles River… Wake Up Idiots, Boston Has A Serial Killer

BOSTON – A body has been found in the water of the Charles River up against the bank of the Esplanade in Boston. Limited details have been released, but the body was found along the banks of the Charles River around 3:45 p.m.

Police have been searching in the area for Ram Jayakumar, a 26-year-old from Lexington, since last Thursday. It is important to note that police have not identified the body found at this point.

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April 23rd rolled around and I decided to write an article about how the Massachusetts media and the police have totally swept this whole serial killer thing under the rug in order to not scare the piss out of the softies that live around boston. Turns out people liked that one, because it got well over 150,000 views in an insanely short amount of time. Screen Shot 2017-05-19 at 6.10.00 PM.png

Now, unfortunately, you’re reading about yet another body being found in the Charles river. 26 year old male. Wait, hold on MA state police and BPD, you mean to tell me that another male in his twenties just happened to wander into the water in a drunken fit and manage to drown himself? Ah okay. Makes sense. Until you realize that the kid literally left his car on a nearby road.

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Reports say that Jaykumars car was found right after he went missing. It was found on Bay State Road that just happens to be along side Storrow Drive and it comes to an end at the esplanade area. Now for those of you who don’t know, this is all right next to the river. Im not here to play murder reporter for you, I’m just here to present some opinions to you because, ha, well the police don’t want to call it what it is so there are no police backed facts to go off, just opinions…i guess.

Now what, something like 8 men in the last few years have been found in the Charles? That alone is insane, add in the other 4 that were found in Manchester canal waters and we are getting way up there in numbers.

I just read through the Fox 25 Boston article and its like 5 lines of stupidity on the most recent finding, with not a single word about what could be going on, or better yet, what is going on.

Start waking up people. I said it in the last article, and I will say it again; the citizens of this idiotic area need to come down off the high horse that they sit on and realize there is a problem. The more you sweep it under the rug, the more kids will die as a result.


This kid and every other kid that has to die because of your willful ignorance is on you. You need to start making some noise over this. Its the only way its going to end.


~~and Staties specifically- maybe focus more on the murder spree going on in the city and not about making sure the 21 year old in the red camaro gets a ticket for driving a red camaro at 21 (I’m tired of it, Im not a bad kid man, come on. Cut me some slack, will you please?)~~



Again, if this gooch is out there reading this right now, he probably shouldn’t pick me target, like my last article read:










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      1. I agree with you on the serial killer theory. We’ve had several men up here in Portland Maine. It’s time for Boston PD to wake up and investigate these deaths. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

      2. Joe you should check out the smiley face killer theory if you havent yet it describes everything that is going on here perfectly its been going on since the 90s

      3. I have been thinking that for a long time. There is an UBER driver picking them up and dropping their bodies in the Charles River. Some of the men have left bars disappeared then showed up dead in the CHARLES RIVER.

      4. Five Chinese nationals have been arrested on suspicion of using a powerful Colombian drug dubbed “the devil’s breath” that turns victims into willing “zombies”– in the second sting operation in Paris in weeks.

        It is thought all those arrested are part of an international Triad-style criminal gang running a multimillion-pound operation in various countries.

        Scopolamine is made from the seeds of a tree called Borrachero – roughly translated as “drunken binge” – which blooms with deceptively beautiful white and yellow flowers. It is mainly produced in Colombia via a chemical process that results in a white powder resembling cocaine.

        Tales surrounding the drug are the stuff of urban legends, with some telling horror stories of how people were raped, forced to empty their bank accounts, and even coerced into giving up an organ.

      5. Miriam Gutiérrez, a toxicology expert in Bogota, Colombia, told Vice News: “From a medical point of view, it’s the perfect substance to commit criminal acts because the victim won’t remember anything, and therefore won’t report anything.”

        Dementia Black, a drug dealer, told the news website the effects of blowing it into someone’s face are almost instant. “It works in a flash. You wait for a minute for it to kick in and then you know you own that person. You can guide them wherever you want. It’s like they’re a child.”

        According to the US state department, unofficial estimates put the number of annual scopolamine incidents in Colombia at approximately 50,000.

      1. Really, if it was the 8th woman found in the river dead everyone would be yelling serial killer. How easy we forget Jeffrey Dahmer he was a serial killer that targeted men.

    1. There are men being found dead up here in Maine in the Portland area in the water also. 4 or 5 in the past few years I think.

      1. A killer who targets suicidal people. His name is D. Pression. Nearly every guy they pull out has a backstory of past failed suicide attempts and/or clinical depression, add alcohol and a method you get this. We all get a little sad from time to time, but when you’re really sad and drunk it’s quick and easy to jump in the drink. This happens everywhere, not just Boston, everywhere.

  1. Don’t say the people from Boston are ignorant to this , because many many people are up in arms about this . Hey go to the police and are told it’s just an accident. Accident my ass. Just do coincidental that they all decided to take a walk into the Charles river. Give me a f*#cking break.

    1. Folks, look. It’s not that difficult. It’s not a serial killer, or murder mystery. It is however, a sad commentary about our society that we condone consuming alcoholic beverages far beyond what is a reasonable or responsible level. Then, we are equally responsible for allowing enibriated individuals to leave a party, a bar, a restaurant, or a private home, and expect that blitzed person to negotiate their way home ALONE in a geographical area that is surrounded by the Charles River, the Boston Harbor, wetlands, streams, etc. Why do these victims end up dead? They were ALONE, they were under the influence, it was in the wee hours of the morning, so very dark, and they end up being victims of Mother Nature, drowning, or exposure. It seems that young men between the ages of 18+/- to 25+/-, are particularly vulnerable to this. Why? Because, drinking to excess is a stupid right of passage, sadly. Suggestions of how to stop our young men from becoming victims like this, 1.) stop drinking to stupid levels of excess, and 2.) NEVER allow anyone to leave a party alone, whether “sober,” or particularly if they are under the influence. There are those who are designated drivers. How about being a designated Walker, making sure drunk friends get home safely. I believe this will eliminate these “mysterious” deaths.

      1. So I live in Calgary (Alberta, Canada) and the downtown core is surrounded by rivers. I don’t think I’ve ever heard of a guy wandering off and falling in these rivers and we have the Calgary Stampede which is basically a ten day excuse to drink waaay more than necessary (or reasonable). There’s even a river through the stampede grounds. This is not a normal thing to happen even in a large-ish city with lots of drunk young men. There is something fishy going on in Boston.

      1. Nothing is going on here. No serial killer, no murder mystery, no Jack the Ripper here in the Boston or Eastern MA area. Other than this web site, no one is talking about these deaths as anything more than tragic accidents brought on by young men who are at that age of drinking too much, then trying to find their way home by themselves. May they not have died in vain. May other young men learn a lesson here and not repeat the circumstances of others that will get them killed. May they Rest In Peace.

      2. So reading this blog I thought, this guy who wrote this “idiot” article is an idiot for thinking we’re idiots. Ok, I believe we have a serial killer on the loose. The press isn’t talking about it as a serial killer on the loose, but what do you expect? They’re more concerned with “fake news.”
        That being said. Cindy! ….You’re a f@#$!%g IDIOT!
        You don’t believe this is anything more than a “sad commentary about our society that we condone consuming alcoholic beverages far beyond what is a reasonable or responsible level.” Get over yourself! Idiot.

      3. These “mysterious” deaths happen everywhere, not just Boston or Eastern MA. So, if these deaths were due to a serial killer, there must be a serial killer in every location where these deaths are happening. Wait for it……..”No way, Jose.”

      4. Not all murders approx 6 bodies a year are pulled out of the Charles check your facts for last 30 year probably last 100

      1. Own a computer from this century maybe and you’d understand that Mac laptops autocorrect. Do you enjoy being roasted? If so, stick around

  2. I really think something is going on. I have thought this after the 3rd or 4th person was found. When I read Joe’s first article, I was glad to see someone else thought the same thing. This needs to be investigated.

  3. You all commenting on this guys mis spellings and the fact that he said idiots of straight from southie i didnt take that as a insult i took at as the people believing the cops instead of the events..Lets stay focused on the crime..Scotch have u been questioned at all? Truthfully id start there .for the simple fact the police are not giving the killer any kind of publicity and your shouting out for attention..although u could be just a angry bostonion but still you should be checked out

    1. Not been questioned. Wouldn’t expect too. As soon as they start questioning people, it becomes real. They don’t want it to be real.

      1. It’s so real. BOSTON,WE have a fuc*%\” serial killer WAKE UP! this man writing this is not the killer these most of these comments are rediculous especially ppl worrying about typos omg wtf is wrong with you ppl??? It’s not rocket science! It’s a guy killing our boys. This in itself the amount of our young men and the fact they keep ending up in our dirty water are VICTIMS the cops aren’t talking cuz they are investigating the situation and when they figure this out I can bet it bank o. It that we DO HAVE A SERIAL KILLER MURDERING OUR BOYS. SO FRIGGIN WHAT IF THEY DRANK FIRST IN EXCESS OR NOT THE TRUTH WILL REIN AND THISE DOUBTERS WILL SEE ALSO TO TGE IGNORANT WOMAN BLAMING IT ON DRUNK KIDS FALKING IN THE WATER CUZ OF DRINKING IS SOFTER TGAN A SNEAJER FUKL OF SH*T! FIGURE IT OUT DOUBTERS! SERIOUSKY IDIOTS!!! SCOTCH YOUR RIGHT AND IM GKAD SOMEONES SOEAKING OUT ABOUT IT!! TY MAN …

      2. Hey Joe Scotch can u fix my typos lol I’m pissed reading those comments I really am the typical typo queen! Lmao @myself. Now that was some angry typing there haha! O well I’m sure they’ll mock but dilligaf?? Nope! Ty for writing about this alarming situation!! Kudo’s dude

  4. Yes there has been same prob here in minn by the u of m … Mississippi River …sad as it is Wisconsin has also River used for dumping ground for young college student drownings … Seems that there’s party or bar where these young students ️mostly males drinking are last seen leaving to go for walk or take a pee n next thing they show up in water making it look like accidental drownings which most folks here r believing that’s no longer the case .. I think someone is hanging out waiting n watching for these young men n bang hit them in head as they r drunk n push them in river the rest is history …. Please public let’s start an uproar n bring attention to the so called accidental drownings …

    1. No, they drive around all night torturing the men. One of the families in Mn were able to prove it. It’s a gang of sorts, sick individuals who put them in the water LATER.

  5. Couldn’t agree with you more Scotch! All men in their twenties, leaving a bar alone. Mostly all very intelligent college students. And all out of character for them to act the way that is reported. Clearly a serial killer. But who? A woman scorned possibly? A College flunky?

  6. Boston has always been surrounded by water , and as a college town has always had young men in their twenties drinking too much-but never all these young men dead and turning up in the river, harbor etc.. and I’ve lived here all my life and am now in my sixties. And by the way, it took a long time for authorities to admit to the Boston Strangler in the 1960’s as well.

    1. You are so right about the boston strangler. He even did work in our house when i was a kid. And even then he left a lasting impression. Albert Deselvo was his name. That was also how he got a hold of women to kill

      1. Desalvo was not the killer I was in Walpole with the real strangler his name was George nassar Google him there’s a lot more to that story that people don’t know

    2. Thank you! For saying something useful! There are several cities surrounded by water – communities, colleges, neighborhoods… yes there are deaths, drownings of all different ages and scenarios from time to time – such is life (very tragic). But this is different. Twenty-something year old, white males. College educated, confident/good looking, leaving a bar or party – after midnight and alone (even if all their friends are inside)…. then they’re gone… only to be found in or near a body of water. Every single one of them the same scenario. I come from the Merrimack Valley in Ma. I’m a Social Worker and I’ve had several people in my life/career show up in the river after suicide. It’s very different from these episodes. Something is going on and because I have worked so closely with law enforcement I can honestly say when you see in the paper ” no foul play is suspected, therefore no further details will be released” – RED FLAG!

  7. Okay and?
    Let’s suppose you are correct, Is that going to change anything? Are the police going to be able to instantly find this serial killer and end it tomorrow?
    Do you really think investigators haven’t considered this possibility until you came along? Hey here’s an idea you head up the investigation and put an end to these senseless murders.

    1. When the public knows whats going on people will start acting like there is a threat. How do you think they caught the boston bomber suspects? The public. If you know you can walk home in safety then you walk home. IF YOU THINK THERE IS A MURDERER ON THE LOOSE YOU DONT WALK HOME!!!! At the very least you going to make it difficult for whoever is doing this and people will start calling cops when someone approaches them instead of just thinking its someone asking for directions. Get a brain Bob Clough.

  8. I believe the killer owns a boat and trawls up and Down the Charles looking for easy victims, start looking in the local marinas for a boat that is going out a lot at night!

    1. Stop. There is no killer. Many of the victims have died in the dead of winter. No one is out there trolling along the Charles or the Boston Harbor in the wee hours of the morning in bitter cold weather. The best way to keep safe is for everyone to adopt the age old safety system called the “Buddy System.” No one should leave a party or a bar alone, especially if they are under the influence.

      1. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^And a male in his 20’s and in college with a slender build ……..

  9. In the early eighties I am now embarrassed to admit that i was young wild and dumb. I ended up in the state correctional system and after a few years i was paroled to a halfway house. What most citizens dont realize is all around the prestigious infamous colleges are societies most dangerous felons whom has served out there time and is being integrated back into society, Walking by these half way houses you would think it was another college dorm. The cooldge house, and park drive are two whom are right there at the Charles river, In my time at one of the facilities I met the most dangerous men who ever walked this earth. They were for the most part being released because there time is up, but no home plan. “nobody in their families would trust them” Well the point is that it is VERY easy to sneak out after curfew, I done it on many occasions. being young I often met up with students and partied with them on week ends and then sneak back in up a fire escape and into my bedroom window in the early morning hours. Many is the time i had to cut threw as a short cut at the Charles, Let me tell you, it is and i am not disrespecting anyones Gender or sexual orientation but as i said many times i was propositioned, even followed and harrassed by these sexual devients that I had to get physical. WHAT I AM SAYING IS: Good chance killer or killers are halfway house residence, Or someone whom just got out of one of them.

  10. Boston is filled with universities and the pressures that go along with exam time. Every university has suicides every semester, it is kept quiet by many. These are a few of the deaths that have become public.

    1. You’re all fucking idiots someone was just murdered taken from their family and friends have some freaking respect Ram was the nicest person in the world not even kidding would help anyone so for the fact that nobody is acknowledging the life taken is pissing me off. Does it look like he is the type to be in drunken stupor!? He’s smarter than all of you on this and probably has more compassion for the next human being. But I don’t so fuck you.

      1. I’m sorry for your loss. I didn’t know him but by all accounts he seemed like a very nice and intelligent person. These deaths make no sense. Zero.

  11. No, No and No. There is no serial killer. It’s all about the victims consuming too much alcohol and no one looking out for them. Who lets a friend leave a party alone and blitzed. Adopt the “Buddy system.” Everyone gets home safe.

    1. Buddy system? Great idea in theory. But Cindy- do your research – open your eyes to the reality of this particular situation. Not the norm- something amiss- hopefully being quietly investigated

  12. Um sometimes they don’t release info to the public for SEVERAL reasons- one being they are working on the case 2 being serial killers relish in the recognition

    1. So screw everybody who gets killed in the process of the investigation. Got it.

      Tell people they’re being hunted so they have their Guard up.

  13. For one all the body’s popping up are young males and who the fuck gets drunk and wonders to the river to fall in and drown if anything they will die in a car crash its 2017 that don’t happen I think it’s a killer thats either gay or hates gay people all yhe bodys found were young males that looked a lil feminine

  14. Unbelievable – not one of you have mentioned The Smiley Face Killer, The serial killer that is still out there that travels the 92/94 corridor between Maine and Minnesota every single year seasonally that kills young men between the ages of 20 and 40 generally leaving a bar often in a college town almost always found in waterway and often there was a 🙂 either drawn in the dirt, carved into a tree, found somewhere in the area of his body if his body is found. I can’t believe none of you are aware of that! We just lost more in Minnesota here this year to him. Sounds like he headed your way after he left here! He/they must be caught! It’s been so long there’s even books written about it! Check Google!

  15. The Smiley Faced Killer is not a real person, as one commenter mentioned. But it is important to note there is a theory called the Smiley Face Murder theory. This theory came about because for decades upon decades, young men across the country (not just MA) have drowned. Considering this is actually a worldwide trend that has gone on for what is more like centuries, not just decades, the more thoughtful among us have concluded it is a result of drunk and or suicidal men. In fact, the number one cause of death among young men is drowning. Could there be a serial killer in Boston? Sure. We’ve had them before. But our lack of to acknowledgement of the presence of a serial killer has nothing to do with us being “soft” and everything to do with our ability to approach investigations with logical and sound minds. You should try it sometime.

  16. Of course it’s a serial killer,you’d have to be dumb as fuck not to see this.Bet all of us civilians who watch these crimes show could figure this out

  17. There are 2 reasons cops don’t talk.
    -If it’s a serial killer, they likely profiled him. And are trying to get him to write a letter to them or the press.
    – Suicide. Usually when the family also stays quiet it’s usually because of this. People jump off bridges in other states in massive numbers all the time. See the documentary ‘The Bridge’

  18. I usually go that way every morning and last week I did see something that was a little unusual. Not sure if this road they are referring to is the same little service rd that I am thinking of. Anyhow when I was driving to work last week and I believe it was either Wednesday or Thursday a car pulled into this service rd. Now immediately I thought well that’s strange cause it’s not like it leads to anywhere. There is a path there for walking or biking but you usually don’t see cars on it. I don’t know what’s going on with these stories but one thing I do know is like everything else the more you report the more it’s going to happen. It’s like any other tradegy they report. Keeps happening over and over until eventually it dies down. I feel sorry for these people families and I hope they can figure it out so that they may have closure.

  19. I have a theory that the police are looking into it, but keep it hush hush because 1. they don’t want vigilantes trying to play detective and 2. media around this could spring copy cat murders that could confuse the detectives 3. they use methods in 1 and # because they have dealt with similar serial killers, the Boston Strangler for instance. The whole thing seems rather suspicious. Why is it just men and no women? Why are they all in their twenties? I think half of the “victims” went to a local college during the time of their death.

    1. Young men in their 20’s. Prime age for drinking with their buddies. Then their buddies allow them to leave alone. No one had their backs. Safety in numbers is best practice.

      1. True Lois. But the reality is…90% of the time, it’s every college aged man or woman for him or her self. Cannot rely on new roommates you barely know, for example.

        So as nice as it sounds in a Mayberry World, I am afraid -safety in numbers, buddy system etc just doesnt exist -more often than not. Sad, but its the world we live in.

  20. I’ve been fall down drunk many times. Sometimes at the beach. I have never decided to “wander” into the water, especially in a cool and windy night. No doubt there are dark forces at work here. Something is making these drunken, young men go toward the water’s edge in less than favorable weather conditions. I think it’s either the promise of sex or drugs. What else would make one go near the water on cold, windy nights? I fear that when they get there, they are pushed or thrown in by whomever lured them there. More sinister is the fact that authorities keep insisting that each instance is just another case of an unfortunate young man “wandering” into the water. It doesn’t make sense. It goes against basic human instinct. I can see a few buffoons getting drunk and doing a cannonball into the water to impress friends, but to go to the harbor or the Charles and simply “wander” into the cold, murky water defies logic. This many people can’t be that drunk and stupid at the same time. And, most of these kids are attending or have attended good colleges. A few others were in the Navy and probably know there way around a pier. This is why I feel where not being told the truth and it’s where it takes a most foreboding turn.
    Why won’t the authorities even entertain the idea that there is something malicious afoot? These days, most bars are owned by investment groups. There’s no more joints owned by one or two guys. These investment groups are usually big political donors. There is no way that the authorities and political figures will go to the press and warn young men who drink in these bars that there is a serial killer on the loose, targeting them. To do such a thing would be bad for these businesses. When business is bad, the business owners don’t donate political cash. These authority figures aren’t going to contribute to their own demise. Politicians will do whatever it takes to keep whatever power they think they have. Even it means unscrupulously keeping life and death information from The at-risk population. Like they said in the old days, forewarned is forearmed. Look out for each other and be careful out there.

  21. Every major city with a high volume waterway has the same statistics. Chicago, new York, london….. in fact those cities have many more deaths why? Because the population is larger. 8 guys that fit the same age range in 9 years is not alot when you go look at other cities where this is happening.

  22. I believe this person runs from Boston to Maine. We have had several young men end up in the river between Portland and Bangor.i feel thesethes are all related. Waite a week we will have another one here.

  23. Completely agree with you. Each and every time the authorities say, “no foul play suspected”. Riigghttttttttttt.

    1. I live in Western Mass. We have rivers, ponds and lakes here. We have dams and sluiceways. When I was young me and my friends partied along the water all the time. All the kids did. We got way beyond blind drunk. Not one of us ever ended up in the water. Lots of those kids died in auto accidents over the years . Not a single one drowned. In fact, if I am to believe some of the people on here Western Mass must be some sort of anomaly in that we just never seem to fall into the water or off cliffs for that matter. We liked to party on them too. The kids still do because I see the evidence of their nightly excursions when I hike. We lose an ice fisherman occasionally but that’s about it. Drunk or not, young men don’t just blunder into the water.

  24. How bout we wait for the autopsy which usually can determine wrong doing. Blood alcohol high, cause of death drowning, not serial killer. Blunt force trauma, Drugged, Scratches or abrasions, cause of death drowning or otherwise, possible serial killer.

    1. Absent any of these types of evidence, which previous victims have not shown, we do not have a serial killer. If previous victims did exhibit these types of injuries, it would be all over the news media. No serial killer here, just a sad set of unfortunate circumstances that led to the victim unwittingly putting himself in harm’s way. It’s the victim’s families for whom I am saddened. No parent should outlive their child.

    2. More often than not, these types of details are not released to the public. It will be the same song and dance…”no apparent injuries or trauma. no foul-play suspected.” that is BPD’s go-to dialogue.

  25. Here in Florida we have had Ted Bundy and I didn’t want to put to death they were serial killers they all killed many woman for many reasons . If you have any of the psychos anywhere near you you had better run find again and get safe they got a lot attention to what they done which neither one of them wanted the FBI is not involved they better get started this guys got a Headstart on all of you

  26. Interesting how the author immediately assumes the killer is male: My guy instinct after reading all of the “opinions” surrounding these cases, was that the perp is quite likely female.

    1. No serial killer, least of all a woman. None of the victims have been reported to have any wounds on their bodies that would have suggested someone inflicted wounds, hastening their deaths. A previous post has it right. These young men are victims of irresponsible behavior, and then leaving a gathering alone, late at night, in the dark, where alcohol was being consumed in large quanties. It’s a shame any of these victims had to die for being young and careless. Here’s hoping these type of accidents will diminish or end when young folks practice more responsible behavior. Greatly reduce the alcohol consumption and never leave a party or bar, by oneself.

      1. Your post, like many others, reads as judgmental and biased. I would never wish this horror on anyone – never obvioisly. But please just think about it from another perspective.

        If it were your 23 year old son – would you feel the same way, as your response above- after already knowing about the others? I most certainly would not chaulk it up to being 23 and he drank too much, was irresponsible? There are far too many similarities in these cases, and there is a sick pattern, -here in the Boston area anyway.

        I do often wonder though- why one of victim’s parents havent come forward? Seems odd – not vocalizing the unnacceptable phrase of ‘foul play not suspected’. Unless the parents are privy to non public information re an ongoing investigation. I truly hope that is the case

        May God bless them all

  27. Wouldn’t a drunk become alert even for a minute? If he fell in ? Does a drunk not want air? When he falls in he’s close enough to reach for safety .
    Maybe someone should get drunk with friends escorting him to the pier and see what happens when he accidentally falls in. Something’s not right.

    1. They die of exposure. Even if a victim can swim, how long do you think someone can survive in water that’s 40 to 50 degrees? It only takes a few minutes, then they slip under the surface of the water and are gone.

  28. There is little to no forensic evidence to be found to determine “cause of death” when a body is found in water. The serial killer(s) know that as well as the law enforcement investigators. . Starting in the Midwest and now to the Northeast, there are individuals who have been tracking these missing/found drowned males for over a decade. After 48 hours in the water, evidence, such as a wound, is non-existent. Because of it, determinations made by investigators/autopsy results in—no foul play. And the killing goes on.

    1. You have knowledge of forensics, Karen? Are you in law enforcement, or the medical field. Doubt it. I look at it this way. Young men turning up drowned in various locations, is too coincidental. If serial killers are out there looking for potential victims, they would have to have extraordinary ESP skills to know exactly where and when a young drunk male was leaving a bar or party somewhere, stalk the individual, then lead them to the water and push them in. Really?! Nope, sorry. It doesn’t add up. There isn’t a serial killer(s) wandering around looking, stalking. These victims end up being a sad statistic of age, overindulgence, and being alone, in the dark, in early morning hours, near large bodies of water, very common to this geographical area.

      1. Ethan I live in Canada and we have virtually zero of these suspicious water deaths of young males. I can think of only 1 off the top of my head. I just listened to a podcast with a retired FBI agent (John Desouza). He explained its most likely 5 person firing teams. You have the honey pot which would be an attractive man and attractive woman, a logistics guy to make sure the target is drinking and 2 large strong guys to act as security. They have unlimited funding and resources. All police stations ordered to say the typical “fresh water drowning no sighs of foul play”

  29. It’s all in the pattern and science, Ethan. Your analysis is based on how you “feel” about the cases; without back-up. Start linking the pattern. Of course, not all missing/found cases are linked, but many are. Start doing some research into the federal investigations going on over the past few years, across the country, regarding missing/found dead in water cases. Local investigations are coming-up short.

    Statement: “very common to this geographical area.” Very wrong if you are referring before 2009. Only common since William Hurley found dead in October 2009.

    Start researching.

    1. Send anyone out, even stone cold sober, dressed in the garb of young men these days, sandals, cotton jeans, or shorts, cotten t-shirt, light or no jacket. Now send them out in the middle of the night, it’s dark, it’s cold, the area is surrounded by waterways of numerous types, and it will be a challenge for that individual to keep from becoming hypothermic, which only causes a person to become more confused and lacking good judgement. Even they will have a difficult time getting to their destination safely. Everyone has heard of “Friends don’t let friends drive drunk.” If you value your drinking buddies/friends, don’t let them leave a bar or a party by themselves. If you must drink yourself into oblivion, be wise enough to attend with a designated driver, or a designated Walker. Just a word to the wise, wise up.

  30. Zac, do you realize how preposterous the alleged opinion of the retired FBI agent sounds? You have no credibility by repeating what he allegedly said. And Karen, you say I posted based on how “I feel about the cases, with no back up.” I gave plenty of sound evidence to support my opinion as to how these individuals died. They died of hypothermia, plain and simple. I am well versed on outdoor survival skills. Are you?

    In another recent case of a young, inebriated male victim about 20 years of age, who left a house party, alone, not far from his home in, I believe it was the Foxboro, MA area. They found his body in a wetland area. His autopsy was recently released. He died of hypothermia. My opinion just keeps getting reinforced, time after time, case after case.

    While my heart breaks for the parents, friends and family members of these victims, the outcome is just so predictable. Add up the factors of male, age 18 +/- to 25 +/-, late at night, venturing out alone, wearing light clothing, under the influence, in a geographical area loaded with wetlands, rivers, reservoirs, ponds, lakes, ocean, etc. The very predictable result of death is hypothermia. End of story. What’s mind blowing to me is it keeps happening, because so few have learned a lesson. I agree with an earlier post. For those who insist on drinking themselves into oblivion, plan on attending the party with someone who will be a “cold stone sober designated driver” to increase the chances of getting home safely. Unfortunately, and sadly, it’s just a matter of time before we read about another hapless victim who died the same way. What a waste of a young life!

    Of course, young males die at the hands of fraternity members initiating new members, as well. Hazing was deemed illegal years ago, but deaths still happen with hazing rituals. More young lives wasted. Those fraternity members in PA? Good luck, but you’re going to jail for 2nd degree murder. It’s a discussion for another day, but the common denominator in these cases is young men, under the influence. Wake up, young men ages 18+/- to 25+/-! The next life saved could be your own.

  31. “When you see lots of police departments across the nation all coming up with same script, its almost like its issued to them and their told what to look for.” “I believe the smiley face murders are real, that they are a group of serial killers and they are killing young men all over the country.” “They always make sure they have the element of deniability built into their actions, in other words they will only target people with alcohol in their system.” “This is an operational group that is highly financed, has unlimited resources.” ” In the middle there is going to be a honey pot, which means a very attractive young woman and a very attractive young man, that is the operational core of the honey pot group.” “Then there is going to be a third person, who is going to be the logistical person, the one that will either give the green light or the red light, then at the outside peripheral you have the two security persons, these are going to be large strong men that will make themselves invisible.”

    ~John Desouza

    1. John, your post is full of holes, makes no sense, and quite frankly is a ridiculous theory. These young guys are dying, victims of their own carelessness, drinking to extreme excess, then wondering around in the dark, falling in the water and dying of drowning or hypothermia. These sad, senseless, deaths will stop when young guys stop drinking to excess, and leave bars and parties with a couple of friends with at least one of whom is sober. Unfortunately, history repeats itself, and more young men will die. It’s just a matter of time.

      1. Chris I know that theory is hard to grasp but it sure does explain a lot. Like why they have been able to get away with it for 20 years (1997-now) they are protected and have the element of deniability built into their abductions/murders. They are designed to look like accidents/suicides. These young guys are being sacrificed. They are always good looking and physically fit for a reason, the best of the flock. It all goes back to ancient religion.

  32. i think it’s stupid to avoid that somethings wrong here, 1 or 2 drunks maybe but 5-7 na someones doing em in & the cops have no connection’s . once coming outta boston i was being chased by a bunch of guys. i thought i was smart & let em pass me so i grabbed ther plate number. when i was safe i called the police, boy i was switched from metro to statie to mdc to local’s. i was so pissed i hung up. i told my brother in-law never had a problem afterward’s. glad i didn’t end up in the river !!!!!!

    1. Cheryl, it sounds like your situation was idifferent than the intoxicated young men that have lost their lives due to being disoriented and hypothermic. It’s an unfortunate situation with young men between the ages of 17 +/- to 25+/-, OUI, not dressed properly, navigating their way home alone and in an area full of water hazards. Sounds like you were driving, not OUI, and followed by a group of men. However, you could learn a lesson. Like the young victims who left a party alone. It’s called “safety in numbers.” Less. chance of something bad happening to you if you have a buddy system, especially at night.

  33. Has anyone here that is denying any possibility of a serial killer thought about the chance that these young men (along with many other men and women) may be being targeted after a night of drinking, or even forced to drink, so that their reflexes are slower, less chance of running away from someone sober, etc.? Or that the consumption of alcohol and bad things happening with it (i.e. Car accidents, injuries, deaths, etc.) is so easily blamed on the person and everyone assumes it must be their own choice to drink or that they “should have known their limit”. It seems like an awfully good cover for someone to use to kill people because drinking alcohol is so easily blamed on whomever consumed it that after even one sip, every consequences that comes after are now your fault.. Even being murdered.

    I’m not saying I have any clue as to what is happening in Boston, or any other town excluding the one in which I reside. All that I’m saying is, if someone sticks a knife to my throat and says “Drink or die” and there is NO other possibility of escape, I’m prolly gonna gulp down whatever it is they’re handing me and hope and pray that I can get out of the situation to safety.

    But no people, don’t worry. You won’t have to acknowledge that someone murdered me, what you should assume is that I’m a 21 year old female who “probably drinks to the point of irresponsibility” because I’m “at that age of being rebellious and unreasonable”. Let’s hope I wouldn’t have been raped because then we get to pull the “she probably went out and had wild sex because she was drunk and everyone in the younger generation does it now” card.

    I am thankful to live in a town of people who wouldn’t brush my death under the rug or be so quick to assume it was my own fault and leave no room for another possibility, and I am sorry to the young men and women who have lost their lives along with their families and friends for not having that luxury.

  34. They said the 20 year old they found in Franklin die of hypothermia in April. They found him across the street in the swamp. He only live 1 mile from the part he left. How long till hypothermia sets in you can just get back to the party you left.

  35. I find it interesting that as I was reading your 1st article, I turned on the news and there was a report of a man missing that fit the descriptions of the other victims…. ironically he was found in the river shortly after.

    I also find it interesting that it only took 2 women a few years ago and it was plastered all over channel 7 news and other local channels yet there are numerous young men that are “dying” and no one is connecting the dots to the similarities in all their deaths….

  36. There is probably a good 100 serial killers in the usa at any given day. Some kill men and done kill woman, and some kill families like btk. But they all usualy look for a certain type of victim. Anything is possible, and Massachusetts has had serial killers in the past.

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