Whose Got Next? Red Sox Still Struggling to Find 5th Starter

Now it is no secret that Red Sox pitching as a whole has been a concern (besides Chris Sale) early this season. But most of the concern has been with the pitching depth and specifically for the 5th starting sport in the rotation. All of this could be solved if David Price is able to return soon, however if he can’t, where do the Red Sox go from here?

The Red Sox have pretty much exhausted all possible pitchers to try to fill the void of the 5th spot. To no surprise, none of them have even come close to being good. And after a shit show on the mound last night from Hector Velazquez the Red Sox are no closer to figuring out this problem.

First, the Red Sox bring in Brian Johnson to try and fill the void and that was a failure even though he won a game, he has a ERA just above 7…. NEXT

As if that wasn’t bad enough, they then bring in Kyle Kendrick to try and fill that spot. Want to talk about fucking terrible? Kendrick posted an ERA of 12.96 with an 0-2 record. He gave up 12 runs in ONLY 8 1/3 innings… TRASH

Then comes in Hector Velazquez who had a pretty decent year in AAA and made his first start last night against the Athletics. Even though he was spotted 2 runs in the first, he gave up back to back BOMBS and the A’s retook the lead. He ended up giving up 6 runs in 5 innings and gave up 3 home runs ending with a double digit ERA with a 10.80. Red Sox lost 8-3 so safe to say Hector Velazquez is trash and isn’t the answer.

The only next plausible option for the Red Sox  if David Price can’t go is that kid named Henry Owens. Say what you want about him and his 4-6 record in the majors but he is better than ANY of the other pitchers who have pitched in that 5 spot according to numbers. He has a 5.19 ERA in the majors and although that is no where near good, it’s a lot fucking better than ERAs of a little over 7, 10.80 and 12.96… Not to mention that 5.19 ERA is better than both Steven Wright’s who is out for the season and Drew Pomeranz’s. He is NOT the permanent answer by any means but for me, the Red Sox have got to give him a chance before putting any of these other guys back on the mound because they were all TRASH.

Let us pray that David Price can return soon and produce because Boston has an issue with this 5th spot in the rotation and the only guy who could potentially fix it is Price.



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