Playoffs? The Red Sox Can’t Even Beat the Athletics

In the beginning of the season, the Red Sox were pretty much an automatic bid to go to the playoffs. Now 42 games into the season Boston is an even 21-21 and looking more average than ever. They have now lost 3 straight, the first time they have done that all year, and not to mention those 3 are at the hand of the Athletics who are 20-23 even after these 3 wins…. Safe to say the Red Sox don’t look like a playoff team right now.

The Red Sox fell to Oakland again today 8-3 and the only bright spot of today was the fact that Hanley went yard and they got out to a 2-0 lead again. But they also blew that lead AGAIN!

Part of being a playoff and an elite team is beating teams that are far less superior to you aka the Athletics. In what should have been a series to get the Red Sox back on track, they have fallen further into a hole after 3 losses to the fucking Athletics.

As if these losses weren’t bad enough, Drew Pomeranz failed to even enter the 5th inning in today’s game and when he came off the field him and Farrell had a nice exchange of words. When I say a nice exchange of words I really mean they sat there and argued with each other in the dugout. A manager and player arguing in the dugout is never a good sign for a ball club and it might be an even worst sign for the Red Sox because a lot of people already want Farrell gone and this is just adding fuel to the fire. It also shows PUBLICLY a division in the team. Ironically, it is a perfect event or situation to sum up the entirety of the Red Sox season up to this point.

The only thing left to do now is continue to hope that the Red Sox will turn the corner and become more consistent throughout the season. Seems like we have been doing that a lot lately as Red Sox fans.


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