Thank God For The Pats

Like seriously? Can football start-up already, This past week in Boston has been full of Ls and embarrassment from the serial killer on the loose to the literal 47 point dissection of the Celtics (at home) by the hands of the unstoppable supernatural evil force of the MonStars. No I did not make a typo The Cleveland Cavaliers are beatable but what The Celtics went up against was a team not from this world or league. The Damn MonStars is what they played against, And I do not know whats more depressing me thinking we had a chance to at least win one game? Or me thinking that we can actually win the series. Either was I probably was smoking on something potent because 42 points at home is no joke I truly thought in my head I was watching the worlds most expensive H-O-R-S-E game. Not only that but Turning the Channel to watch a Sox game has been even more depressing. like growing up around this time I always thought about the safety Cushion I had which was “We can always count on the Red Sox to show us a good time and see Ws in May.” and now at 23 years of age and 3 parades later I think we all deserve To think “Well ok at least we have the Sox to look forward to in May.” No.. No we do not John Farell is taking this Red Sox team and literally himself making it the AL’s most expensive Toilet. He has ripped this safety cushion, and its killing me and Every Boston fan Alive .. and Dead! Even Yawkey is rolling over in his grave! Like seriously This has not been a good week or month I will step up and say. Yes Post Super Bowl 2017 has been quite eventful With The Celtics taking the number one seed and getting the number 1 pick, and the Bruins making the playoffs and giving us an extremely fun but nerve-racking 6 games. But let’s be honest The Celtics are not going to beat the team from hell, I do not even think Celtics will win a quarter! AND the Red Sox have started Awful after all this off-season hype. Now do not read my words wrong Yes The Red Sox are sucking major ass right now mainly because of the Managing decision or should I say non Decisions by John Farell, but also with the buddying factors of the lackluster Bats that have not produced despite some great pitching outings by anyone not named Chris Sale. And The fact we have multiple stars and none have yet to step up and take the mantle from our favorite Spanish speaking Platano powered Goat. These major factors plus many minor ones Has put major concern on this season. 21-21 4th in the Al East on the 21st of May 2017. For a team that’s supposed to play for the chance to win the World Series those stats do not sound like anywhere in the vicinity of Pre-Season World Series Pick. The team has failed as a whole. Now Also Read carefully Chris Sale Should not be Blamed. The way this man has pitched gives me euphoric feelings only a lucid dream of an indigo child can truly describe. (yes deep and very weird but still nonetheless deep.) This man is the Cy young and AL MVP in my eyes and I truly think to a lot of MLB fans and Mvp voters eyes too. I mean For the 8th time straight he struck out 10+ batters tying Pedro Martinez’s Record… Again. But this time in a Red Sox uniform. So there is no need for me to keep explaining how we should not trickle not even a microscopic drop of blame on him. Just look at the stats. This being said at this point The Sox either gotta play better, fire Farell, or just keep sucking ass because it’s a 162 game season we gotta deal with it one way or the other. Its Boston you’re not getting away from our beloved Red Sox.


Football Season please hurry. I promise I wont scream Blitz for Six everywhere or No Days OFF! I swear I wont come at the Steelers Franchise or anything saying  we coming for number 6. or anything to do with six. I wont brag about how we have the most prolific receiving corp out since the invention of the NFL All-Star game… I wont brag about how this off Season we resigned Dont’a Hightower the un-sung hero of the Superbowl and multiple National Championships  nor that our vets took pay cuts to be on the team. Or our Team First Mentality. TEAM..TEAM.TEAM (rip Bo.) We already know we have the greatest Coach and QB tandem in the history of the sport. PRO or Amateur. We know the genius of The Billy Goat. We know what The New England Patriots are all about. We know it. WE (after all We as a fan base dealt with during that game yes we won it too.) won the Grand-daddy of em all and now we got the targets on our back. So you know what The Billy-goat did? He re-stocked and re tooled and now he is ready to roll. Like I wrote earlier this team is the real deal. This team is Prolific. Every position has a filled spot from 1st to 4th string. The thing about the Patriots is yes we have stars but we do not have stars in every position so in turn the way this team operates the schemes and everything just makes this team deadly. From Father Tom to B.Cooks to our line and our DBs. This team’s hungry and starving and wants some more. SO yes even though The Celtics are in the dinner plate. and Yes the Red Sox are playing crappy and yes I’m readying to have withdrawals from Chris Sale day if it does not come soon enough. I still cannot wait until Football Season. I Still Cannot wait to see My Beloved Patriots go on the field and dissect opponents like the MonStars did us. Well honestly now that I think to myself… Thats what the NFL and Falcons must feel like these past 15 years with The Pats.. omg


BTW I know  I didn’t help the Pats win but c’mon you know Pats Nations the 12th man.


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