The Celtics did what?

One thing needs to be said right now, GOD DAMN MARCUS! What a game from the young kid. He had 27 points in a game that IT did not play in. He was hitting 3’s and hitting his free throws. Now that never happens so I guess when this happens they have to win. The rest of the core players on this team did their jobs as well. They boxed out, they played defense and the were able to slow down Lebron. Lebron had 11 points at the end of the fourth quarter but Kyrie and Love kept them in it. Lebron just disappeared in this game. He looked like his old self where he would just force 3’s and really bad shots when there was no need to. Kyrie hit a lay up with 10 seconds left to keep it tied. Then Avery Bradley hit a 3 with .1 seconds remaining after it clanged around the rim about 3 times. Wow! This 3 is being seen from around the world as the Celtics shock the world and upset the Cavs at home. The Celts were down by 21 and Smart carried them out of that hole. He was a beast. Now what I’m about to say a lot of people won’t like but I think it needs to be said. I believe that the Celtics will not win a championship with IT therefore I think they should get the most out of him and trade him. I know he is their heart and soul but think about it. Is he worth a max contract when he can’t really play defense? Sure he puts up 30 points a game but when he is on the court against the Cavs he is a -21 and that is not good at all. Now I could be wrong and he could step up next year and have some help next year. Moving back to this game. All of the role players did what they were supposed to do and hit their open shots. Even Jerebko hit a big 3 when it mattered. Horford hit some big time shots, whether it was from deep or if it was bodying Thompson inside and scoring an easy two. They just played an all around good game and they got rewarded for it. Also Brad needs to get the credit he deserves. That last play he drew up was amazing and it was performed almost perfectly. Al had a great screen and Smart has the ball in AB’s hands when he needed it. Granted AB got wicked lucky with a 3 that hit the rim about 3 times but hey a W is still a W. Great win from then boys in green without their “Star”.


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