Is the Madden Curse Already Haunting Brady?

It has been less than two weeks since the EA Sports Madden franchise had announced that Tom Brady would grace the cover of Madden 2018. We all know about the cover curse. Some of the best players in the game have fell victim to this curse.

Just last year, Rob Gronkowski graced the cover. The 6’ 7” beast of a tight end started the regular season on the shelf facing injuries. It took 5 weeks into the regular season before Gronkowski finally returned to full-form against he Cleveland Browns. However, while he dominated when healthy, Rob found himself back on the shelf just five weeks later. This time, he was done for the season. While the Patriots did end up winning the Super Bowl, the curse definitely hit Gronkowski hard.

The curse has also taken some of the games all-time greats. Some of the most notable players in the league have fell to this curse. Ray Lewis, who sat out most of the following season with injuries. Mike Vick broke his fibula before the dog fighting scandal  in the season after appearing on Madden 2004. Also Calvin Johnson, who’s team went from a 10-6 playoff team to a 4-12 basement team, ended up retiring early just two years after gracing the cover

But how could the Greatest Of All Time be effected by the Madden Curse? After being named the Madden cover athlete, Brady released a video of him smashing a mirror with a hammer and walking under a ladder. A video that would almost definitely scare the living hell out of any superstitious Patriot fan. But continues to promise there is no curse. However it seems that the curse may already be starting.

It started with an interview. When doing an interview with CBS, The Patriot quarterback’s wife Gisele Bündchen may have leaked some information Brady didn’t want getting out. Gisele claimed Brady suffered a concussion last year, and has suffered previous concussions throughout his career that went un-reported. The last time Brady has been listed on an injury report with a concussion was 2003. That means someone is lying here, and regardless it does not look good for Brady.

If this was just a way for Gisele to hint at Brady to call it quits sometime soon, it doesn’t seem like he wants to listen. I’m nowhere close to being a marriage councilor, but having his wife come out in front of millions of people and say something like this must have brought up some type of displeasure on Brady’s end.

Let’s say Gisele wasn’t lying, then that means either Brady or the Patriots are. If it’s the Patriots covering up these concussions, they’re in deep trouble. Think about the story lines. The team’s most controversial team who has been in multiple cheating scandals, covering up the NFL’s biggest problem their league faces. If Patriot fans think the deflate-gate punishment was bad, they better hope the Patriots didn’t cover up these concussions. If more comes out about this topic, expect another team of investigators to be around the New England locker room this upcoming season.

If it’s not the Patriots or Gisele that is giving false information, then it’s Brady. Tom Brady lying to his coaching staff and trainers about concussions does not help his case for being the most honest player. The Brady-Belichick-Kraft relationship is one of the strongest in the league. It is hard to imagine Brady knew he had a concussion and completely kept it quiet from everyone besides his wife.

This is the New England Patriots we’re talking about. The team that tells each and every player to stay away from any controversial topic the media brings up. They’re known for not being very media-friendly and have never been the best teams to get real good story lines out of. So it doesn’t look great when the franchise player of seventeen years is getting accused of not reporting concussions to trainers….by his own wife.

Is this a case of the Madden curse hinting at what could be in-store for the rest of the season, or is this just another coincidence? After years of the Madden curse affecting every player that has graced the cover, it seems to be more than just a coincidence.


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