Please Tell Me People Are Kidding With This Todd Frazier Shit.

Alright let’s make this loud and clear from the start. Todd Frazier WILL NOT EVEN COME CLOSE to fixing the Red Sox issues in the field or in the lineup.

Now I’ve seen a lot of talk on twitter of people wanting Todd Frazier to come to Boston saying “he will add pop” and “he will help us at 3b and with our on base percentage.” All I have to say to that is those people are stupid and must not be looking at the same Todd Frazier I’m looking at. I’m sorry but you honestly think a career .248 hitter is going to help the Red Sox lineup which is struggling to consistently hit and score runs themselves? Let me drink what you’re drinking so I can be just as optimistic.

To add on that, Todd Frazier is batting .195 with 4 ding dongs and only 17 RBIs…. What makes you think that is in anyway shape or form going to help and lineup who has a power deficiency statistically and struggles with runners in scoring position. For crying out loud Pablo Sandoval has a better batting average at .213. Not to mention Panda only has ONE LESS ding dong (3) in 61 at bats which is damn near half of what Todd Frazier has seen which is 123 at bats. As if it wasn’t bad enough, Todd Frazier has only scored 18 runs on the season, that is ranked 123 out of 481 qualified batters who have at least scored 1 run. That may seem decent, but considering the top run scorers are anywhere from 30-42, that is awful. It will also in no way shape or form help a lineup who is struggling to consistently score runs.

People also think this is going to fix our problem at third in the field? DRUNK. He has a fielding percentage of .973 with two errors. Is that decent? Yeah it is. I won’t lie. But also, Panda only has 2 more errors than Frazier with 4 and while that may seem like a decent amount, it really isn’t. Not to mention Deven Marrero has ZERO errors at third since playing for the Red Sox. Marrero is also only batting .139 which is God awful but in the grand scheme of things, .195 isn’t much better. Maybe one or two more hits if we are speaking realistically. Not a big enough difference to make me jump the gun and spend more money on Frazier than the Red Sox already are on Marrero and Sandoval.

Another thing I saw on twitter was, “I trust our front office more than most others.” I honestly don’t know what’s dumber… Someone saying this or people actually wanting Todd Frazier on the Red Sox. Are you looking at the same front office that signed Pablo Sandoval to a 5 year $95 MILLION DOLLAR contract for a player who has produced on an average basis his entire career!?!? Are you looking at the same front office who failed to offer Jon Lester what he was worth and lost him in the long run causing some of the pitching problems the Red Sox have today? Are you looking at the same front office that depleted damn near the entire farm system for players who have yet to significantly show up in the stat sheet? I could keep going too. This front office traded our one decent third baseman (Travis Shaw) for a pitcher who has yet to pitch this season. A front office who has yet to fire a manager who has finished LAST in the AL East 3 of 5 seasons from 2012-2016? Yeah this front office SUCKS. So miss me with that shit.

I know Red Sox Nation loves Jared Carrabis so let’s take his word. In his article for Barstool Sports he wrote, “Dave. Stop. Put the fucking phone down. Withdraw your top talent evaluators. Pull out of Chicago. For the love of God, please don’t do this.” If you won’t listen to me, listen to him! This is all around a horrible idea. Although the thought of Quintana in our Rotation sounds appealing, Todd Frazier doesn’t and our farm system can’t lose anymore top prospects.

I’m begging the Red Sox to stop considering this and if you, as a fan, would like to see this happen think again. Todd Frazier won’t help the Red Sox and ruining our farm system will destroy the future for Boston.
















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