The Verdict is in….And the Yankees Need to Relax.

We are two months into the regular season and the Yankees are surprisingly in contention for the lead in the A.L. East. However the biggest surprise seems to be the 6’ 7” monster Aaron Judge. The Yankees outfielder leads the majors in home runs and has played his way into a starting role in the outfield. He has definitely lived up to the hype, but it has only been two months. Especially being a franchise with 27 World Series trophies, you would think this team wouldn’t completely drool over a guy who’s had a hot start to a season. But the Yankees are doing just that.

Welcome to “Judge’s Chambers”. The new section in the right field bleachers dedicated to the rookie outfielder. Sure it seems like a nice marketing tool. Judge’s last name makes it pretty easy for the New York marketing team to make a little extra cash but this seams to be going a little too far. Maybe a “Judge Night” promotion where they give out gavels seems pretty cool, but to name a section of your stadium after the guy is a little ridiculous.

Just when you thought Yankee fans could not get any worse, they do. Not only will this new section feature the “Judge’s Chamber” written on the back of the section, but fans who sit there will also receive wigs and gavels. Yes, there will be a group of Yankees fans during every home game dressed up as judges with full wigs and all. The only thing missing is a robe to cap off the complete idiot look……Oh wait, they have that too.

The Yankees have always been thought of as one of the most respected franchises in the league. Were they really this desperate for a superstar that they had to go out and make a whole section for him? When have they ever done this before? Of the list of all-time great Yankees I can’t think of one time they’ve done something like this for a rookie. Do they really think he is going to be that good? or is this just a desperate marketing tool?

We’ve all seen plenty of guys come into the bigs and ride a hot streak and then completely die out. Most recently, Trevor Story who came bursting into the league last year seeming to hit a home run in every game he played in. Before tearing his ACL, he hit 27 homers and finished fourth in rookie of the year voting. This year he is hitting .180 and is having trouble getting on base. This is only the most recent of many cases of guys getting off to hot starts and fading off. If Judge fades this year and starts to slump, will the chambers be taken down, or will the Yankee keep a section of their bleachers dedicated to a bench player?

Whatever happens, this is a complete overreaction by New York. Especially for a franchise that has been known for having such class, this is way too much. I wonder how guys like Gary Sanchez and Brett Gardner feel. There are some veterans in the club house that have produced for multiple years and haven’t gotten anything close to that. The Yankees need to relax. Unless of course, this was Judge’s idea and he told the Yankees to give him his own section. It’s hard to say no to a guy who is 6’ 7” and 280 lb.


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