david leavitt: Boston’s Biggest Loser

First off, I want to say that the act of terrorism in Manchester is horrible and the fact that we can’t even enjoy life because some idiot radical Islamic terrorist feel the need to hurt innocent people is a way of life. I pray for all the families and friends of those killed or injured.

This brings me to this loser freelance “writer” david leavitt (I know it’s lowercase, it’s on purpose, his name isn’t a proper noun to me):

A guy who “writes” for big media outlets such as CBS, Yahoo!, AXS, and the Examiner per his twitter bio. He is also claiming to be from Boston, MA and for those in MA I know he is not a depiction of how the majority, if not all, the population that resides there feels on this tragedy.

dave made one of the most distasteful (now deleted) tweets I have ever seen in my life last night, making light of the tragedy in the U.K.:

What kind of man/”writer”/”journalist” can post something so disgusting and then follow that tweet with the next three:

To which he finally apologized and said it was a “stupid joke”, which is an excuse and a poor one at that.  Maybe you should look at the trending topics before posting “stupid jokes” dave:

Then this morning have the gall to compare himself to the President of the United States, which by the way, is someone he constantly composes or retweets things that are derogatory towards our President:

Are you kidding me dave?  You sir are a grade A asshole.  Telling the family and friends of the deceased or injured that you almost “died” at a concert for an artist that you probably haven’t even seen, just to make a “stupid joke” at their expense…and for what? A couple of clicks?  I had hoped that you really learned your lesson and would of apologized and then I saw that BS tweet this morning and it made me realize that you really have no reason to write any articles for anyone else to read.

I hope you have fun buying and selling old Xbox’s for income because as of now I can’t see any of your articles generating income to support your current lifestyle.  I hope and pray you don’t ever in your life have to deal with tragedy of this magnitude.  May you find peace with this situation and realize that 140 characters probably ruined your life.


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