It Should Be a One Man Race

This NBA season, all the MVP hype has been around only two players, James Harden and Russell Westbrook. The gap between the runner-up and third is huge. Like the gap between everyone else and Steph Curry the last two years, except it’s two that have risen. With the Warriors clinching a Finals berth, it is about time to give my take on the MVP race.

Before I actually give my MVP, I think credit is due to others who had amazing seasons but not like Westbrook’s or Harden’s. Isaiah Thomas was the unquestioned leader of the Celtics this year and coined the name Mr. Fourth Quarter. He led the East in fourth quarter scoring. The Celtics being my favorite team, he was my favorite player to watch this year. Kawhi Lenord had the third best season in the NBA. On a Spurs team who brought in Lamarcus Aldridge who produced an extremely underwhelming season, Kawhi was relied on heavily by Gregg Popovich. Being only 25 years old, he is a definite superstar after this year. Next year, it wouldn’t surprise me if he goes to the top of my list.

This NBA season James Harden and Russell Westbrook both had seasons comparable to Steph’s 2015 year. But one obviously outweighed the other. My MVP and who deserves it more than anyone is Russell Westbrook, and here’s why.

This year Russell Westbrook made history by becoming only the second player in NBA history to average a triple-double for a full season. Russ was on a mission since KD left and he really wasn’t going to let anything stop him. Frankly, I have no idea how Harden is holding Russ’s jock right now in this race. There should be no conversation. I take no credit away from Harden, dude had an amazing year, but not a historic year. In the whole history of the NBA, this has only happened one other time and it happened in a lot more high scoring league. If I am Russell Westbrook, I am pissed that James Harden is considered in the same category as me. What more must the man do to win the award? Reading other sports writers, I hear a lot say the MVP should be Harden and it just doesn’t make sense to me. Russ went H.A.M and you’re not going to reward him. If Harden wins, I lose a lot of faith in the selection committee.

The name of the award is the MOST Valuable Player. Without James Harden, I think Houston can still make the playoffs. I don’t see them being a 4 seed, but I see them being able to slide in at maybe a 7 or an 8 seed. Without Russell however, the Thunder come nowhere close to making the playoffs.  Without Russ, they have a better chance of being in the Lonzo Lottery than in the playoffs. Sitting right here, I can’t name three other players on the Thunder even you put a gun to my head. That’s how bad they are and still somehow made the playoffs climbing all up and down Westbrook’s back. There is one clear choice and it’s Westbrook. I’m willing to argue with anyone about it. The media who decides this shit are all idiots and this is me now starting my trek in an attempt to get on this MVP panel.

Isaac Fox



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