Would you give the cure for cancer away for free??

if you found the cure for cancer, would you give it away for free?

So the question is simple:  Would you give away the cure for cancer for free?

Reading some of the comments off of his twitter, it does make you think a little bit about the yes or no, back and forth aspect of the question.  I personally feel I would give it away for free, being I have had multiple family members suffer from this awful disease, and also have seen many others struggle with it daily, as well as seen many others stories and situations worldwide.

So lets keep this simple for all our viewers and readers.    If you would give away the cure for free,  share this story/post and tag someone you know so we can spread the word.  If you say “no”, simply give us your reason as to why.  There is no wrong answer, everyone has their opinions and beliefs.  Hopefully this post/question can eventually be a reailty!

Regardless of anyone’s answer(s), CANCER SUCKS, and I hope all the people fighting whatever type of cancer they have at this moment, continue to FIGHT and stay STRONG.



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