Its Time To Kill Or Be Killed Celtics.

And truth be told They better kill or I’m just going to have to start hating everything Cleveland and judge you becausee you don’t . IM TOO LOYAL TO JUMP THE WAGON PLUS IM DELUSIONAL I THOUGHT WE COULD WIN IT ALL. and Times are looking bleak Boston. Yes I will always have hope but let’s be honest. When Lebron starts to act like 2011 Childish Lebron, Irving comes to the rescue either by taking it in the hole or taking a nice little step back. No matter if James gets tired or even if he quits playing Irving is just showing he can be the second leader. Yes @ me I don’t care Irving is nothing more than a Second in Command. The Lieutenant. He cannot lead a team which was evident all the years before Lebron but he can very well step in as the second superstar and efficiently handle business as long as it’s not completely on him the whole series WHICH WAS EVIDENT BOTH GAME 3 & 4. The Celtics need to find a way to stop him while also containing The King listen Even without Thomas The Celtics played pretty damn impressive Again. I stood wrong  they might have a chance, as they played a great game defensivly and offensivly up until three minutes left in the 3rd quarter when Kyrie went up landed wrong proceeded to tie his shoes and somehow turned super Kyrie to lead the Cavs past the Celts, even with the Newly Gained Confidence The C’s got. Celtics Team ball was being played the right way and it took a effect by getting their lead as high as 12 at one point WTF?! –  yes the power of true team ball -Yes we love Thomas but we also have to admit damn near every possession they took had him holding the ball for a good chunk of the shot clock trying to find a good shot then either passing it out or driving it in. WE love him but hes not a true point guard. Hes more of a (excuse me) midget shooting gaurd. While YES The team essentially did the same thing these past two games but they managed to do it with ample time for each and every player to make his own play on top of the play being ran instead of the play just focusing on one player ALMOST EVERY TIME.. This being said can now show playing this way WILL benefit Boston and make them a very scary team as we like to claim they are by having each player do what they do best aka the reason “Don Danny” hired them. Yes this is going to be hard especially since we all know this time around once again they will be without Thomas but I truly think that the plays the ” Baby Bill Belly” aka Brad Stevens has coming  for game 5 (and hopefully 6,7) will show what this team can do they played game 3 and 4  feeling out the new schemes I think game five will be really fun to watch since its two games under they should feel comfortable with the  new roles now and also it should be worth the watch after how we seen this team WIN game 3 and also the glimpses of glory they gave us  game 4 . It just gives us a good look and somewhat a sign of relief that this team is still the same team before the injury if not better (not too much but a little more in my opinion) which is good on the offensive part as long as they can once again contain the Dogs in Cleveland. Playing Defense on James and Irving sh*t really the whole team is a huge MUST but also making good shot selections will give this team a chance! plus this will also give The Celtics a “who’s gonna step up” challenge to the squad that is now even more hungry with their backs to the wall looking for an answer versus The two-headed Cerberus in Cleveland as they face elimination in Game 5 at The Gahden coming up. And to be quite frank I cannot witness another playoff elimination game especially in that building as it will crush me more than most. So please Celts Lets get you Guys into gear. Win for the future.

This is also a prime reason why the Celtics need a Center and move Horford to PF, Once again in my opinion he’s getting dominated and once again I truly think he’s a true Pf not a center So please Ainge. Draft wisely.

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