The New England Patriots, following the lead of many NFL teams, have decided to overlook the sordid past of a former player, in this case Raymond Clayborn, and put him in their Hall of Fame.  Clayborn was last seen in these parts chasing his ex – wife’s boyfriend around the front yard with a knife on a quiet street in Foxboro at approximately 1:30AM in 1995.

Clayborn’s version of the story goes something along the lines of he knocked on the door and rang the bell and then entered because no one answered (I don’t answer my doorbell at 1:30AM either).  Ray wanted to get something to eat in his ex wife’s house and the boyfriend jumped him and then they tumbled out onto the front yard. Ray was holding a knife and was dressed like a Ninja because he was buttering his toast and thought it was Halloween.   The Foxboro police showed up and assumed Ray was trying to kill the boyfriend.  Ray said he would never kill anyone, especially that %$# boyfriend or my %$$ ex – wife that F-%$### – C.

There’s always a solid reason behind any NFL player in trouble with the law. Ray McDonald punched his pregnant wife in the stomach in 2015.  Reason:  the baby kicked him first.

Former Panther Greg Hardy picked up his girlfriend and threw her onto a bed that was covered with guns.  Because…..his mattress was too soft, so he put guns on it to make it firmer.  Greg threw her on it because he knows the code of chivalry: ‘ladies first.’

And lest anyone forget, former Raven Ray Rice slugged his fiancé Janay Palmer in the face and knocked her out cold in an elevator, most likely because Ray misinterpreted her statement, “I want to go down.”  To the NFL’s credit, the league stepped right in, made a strong declaration that this activity has to stop, and now Janay takes the stairs.STAIRS.jpgKNIFE


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