Have the Red Sox Finally Figured Shit Out? 

After what was a very, very mediocre and average start to the season from the Red Sox, they have now won 5 games in a row and looking for their 6th tonight. Which leads me to prematurely believe they have finally figured their shit out. I hope I’m not wrong.

One of the main reasons for their struggles was the inconsistency we would see from this Red Sox lineup, who on paper, should be absolutely raking. That has all changed as of lately, though. Over their 5 game win streak, they are averaging an outstanding 8.2 runs per game. Also during this win streak, they are averaging roughly 11 hits per game at 10.6. Talk about a turnaround for a lineup who consistently score runs Day in and day out which could be one of the causes the pitching looked as bad as it did.

Speaking of pitching, this rotation has DEFINITELY flipped on the switch and now they are just mowing people down. For crying out loud even Drew “poopy pants” Pomeranz had 11 strikeout the other night. Still couldn’t get passed six innings but whatever. The pitching staff as a whole is only averaging 3 runs allowed per game during this win streak. Talk about an even bigger turnaround! And like always Kimbrel has come out and blown people away. Same with Joe Kelly who has hit 102 mph numerous times this season. Then throw E-Rod’s breakout season in with Chris Sale, Porcello, and Pomeranz? If they keep this up, good luck to opposing teams for real.

The only concern with pitching as of now is that 5th spot. I don’t think Brian Johnson is the answer as well as Price. But if the Red Sox want to be consistently good like they have been during this win streak, they should probably figure that shit out and fast. Henry Owens? Just an idea.

Overall, this stretch is making me, as a fan, believe in this team a little more. Only the future can tell how long this will continue but for Gods sake let’s enjoy it while we can!


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