What A Great Start To 2017.

I am not exaggerating I swear! the start of 2017 has been great for Boston sports. The Sports Gods really has blessed Boston This 2017 from a Superbowl win, to the Bruins finally making it back to  the Postseason after a few seasons of obscurity and the Celtics after 10 odd years finally led the East again. I mean yes Boston went so far in 2017 1/3 in the postseason, with the lone championship coming from the Goat Tandem in February. But we still saw a very hard-fought undermanned- but still fought to the brink Boston Bruins team that surprised us all especially with making a culture changed smack dab in the middle of the season, Which in all honesty was most likely the reason why the Bruins made the playoffs *cough* butch *cough*. Then you had the Celtics WHO did over perform, DID win the top seed in the East and also had a very competitive playoffs up until the Cleveland Series. With also overachieving the goal they set for themselves which was win 50 games- they won 53 games. beat Golden State at home (only team at that time to do it in the regular season twice.) and also gave The King a run for his money in the regular season having them chase the Celtics pretty much all season. So yes The Celtics and Bruins both had great season. Both were major reliefs and Both Showed the most exciting  potential out of all post season teams. With The Bruins taking the Sens to 6 with a half rookie defense. To the Celtics having the number 1 pick this draft potential top 3 next season and also a plethora of rookies and role players with money left to the side to really make this Celtics team the most complete since the 80’s yes Our Gahden teams are in good hands both of them. The Red Sox have won 5 straight Sale’s pitching gems so yes i also feel good for the Sox but their Season is not over. So far they showed us typical Sox ( minus Sale’s pitching). But within the last few weeks they have really taken off. SO yes once Again thank you Sports Gods for 2017. Don’t Know how much favor we shall get and for how much longer but lets all collectively just enjoy how our teams are doing our lifetime and be grateful so many cities envy Boston especially when we have a start to a calendar year like this



NHL-1st round

not glam but still shows we have a postseason spirit unlike many markets.



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