One Day after a Complete Game Shutout, Brian Johnson Optioned to AAA 

Brian Johnson threw the first Red Sox complete game shutout last night after getting the start. How is he rewarded? By getting optioned back down to triple A while another pitcher comes up. (Lol)

It’s like Boston said, “you know you were great out there, kid. Got our win streak to 6 but uhh…. fuck off, you’re goin back to triple A.” This is the perfect example of a thanks but no thanks scenario.

Was this a complete surprise? I would think so. Coming into the game he had a little over a 7 ERA even though he was 1-0. So I think everyone is a little surprised by this performance. 

Another thing that would be great is if we could see if Brian Johnson could consistently do this and fix Boston’s problem with the 5th spot in the rotation. But we won’t know because they sent him back down. 

So safe to say if you pitch amazing for the Red Sox as a “new guy” (he’s pitched before) in the rotation, your ass is getting sent back down where you came from. 


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