David Price Will Impress 

Attention all Red Sox fans: today at two o’clock David Price will make his first start with the Red Sox since last season and he will be successful. You will be able to save your yelling at the TV for the next Drew Pomeranz start. You will enjoy today’s results and here is why.

There is no denying David Price was not worth what the Red Sox paid him last season. His underwhelming first season in the city of champions naturally brought out the David Price haters. You can spot a Price hater very easily as they normally say things like “Price can’t handle Boston” or “They shoulda signed Zach Grinkie”. But are these points actually true? Although Zach Greinke is currently tearing it up in the desert, his first season with the D-backs was not much different than Prices’. The Red Sox led by Mookie Betts lit Greinke up last season in a game where Mookie hit three home runs. So what makes Sox fans believe that Price won’t follow the path of Greinke and have a complete bounce back year. After all, David Price had a second half that looked like what the Sox expected for the entire season, helping his team make the playoffs unlike Greinke’s squad. Red Sox fans seem to forget the tear that Price went on when he was completely unhitable.

Price starts today against the Chicago White Sox. This should be a good opportunity for Price to ease his way into competition as the White Sox are not going to be contending in October this season. His next game scheduled against the Orioles will be tough, but Price didn’t pitch that poorly against Baltamore last season. Sox fans should expect a solid outing today from last years supposed ace and positive momentum today could possibly carry over to his next start.

So before the haters come up with a new phrase, take a minute and remember that Price was a dominant pitcher before he came to Boston. After a year in his new setting, it’s not a far off idea to think he will be successful.


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