Tennessee man faces up to 6 years for throwing a catfish onto the ice

Just plain ridiculous, 6 years for something that does not really impact anything other than a few minutes of game stoppage.  Pittsburgh took the whole catfish situation very seriously from the start:

I get it as a fan you want to control superstitions and I don’t hate the move of blocking the sale of catfish to residents of states other than Pennsylvania.  But police is getting out of hand.   “Jacob Waddell, 26, from Nolensville, Tennessee, has been charged via summons with disorderly conduct, possessing instruments of crime and disrupting meetings and processions.”  Lets not get carried away, the only thing that they could possibly charge him with is disorderly conduct and that is even a little over the top.  In what world is a fish an “instrument of crime”  and a hockey game is not a meeting and processions.  In all this was more enjoyable than the game itself and the ridiculousness of the Pennsylvania judicial system needs to corralled.  Hopefully Jacob does not get 6 years because that would be plain absurd.


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