Tennessee man faces up to 6 years for throwing a catfish onto the ice Just plain ridiculous, 6 years for something that does not really impact anything other than a few minutes of game stoppage.  Pittsburgh took the whole catfish situation very seriously from the start: I get it as a fan you want to control superstitions and I don't hate the move of blocking the sale... Continue Reading →


Cavaliers in 5

Another year, another Cavaliers-Warriors NBA Finals. That makes it 3 straight years now of Steph Curry vs. LeBron James, except this time another card is thrown into play. That “card” is called Kevin Durant, who cowardly decided to join forces with an already record-breaking team. Durant will have a lot riding on these Finals because... Continue Reading →

Two HBO Shows Get Renewed

Veep and Silicon Valley will be back for another season! Veep just finishes their 6th season in about a month, the first season under new showrunner Dave Mendel, and will be back in 2018 for season seven. Julia Louis-Dreyfus is still the main star and continues to get critical acclaim for her performances year in... Continue Reading →


Tiger Woods was arrested over the weekend for DUI, another sad chapter in the pathetic downfall of a legend.  At one point in his career the golf debate was whether or not Tiger would break the all time record.  We all assumed it was Jack Nicklaus’s record being referring to; then Tiger’s sex life became... Continue Reading →

Celtics offseason plans

The loss in the Eastern Conference Finals left a lot of Celtic fans wondering what Ainge needs to do this offseason to get one step further and get to a championship. Now what I am about to say might piss some people off but I think it's the only way the Celts can win a... Continue Reading →

On Bryce Harper

@Garland_SP I was gonna write about David Price's start today, but something else happened today that's probably more important for now. If you open anything on the internet, especially social media, you'll more than likely see an angry, hairy man holding a batting helmet with the intentions of throwing it, the same hairy man putting... Continue Reading →

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