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Former Australian tennis star and current whack job court.jpgMargaret Court continues to create controversy with her views on homosexuality, saying that she would stop flying Qantas “whenever possible” due to the airline’s support of same-sex marriage.

I was unaware of Qantas even being an airline, never mind one that supports same sex marriage.  Where is this information being supplied to the public?  Is it painted on the side of the plane?  And why can’t Court just fly another airline?  When is choosing to fly or not to fly a particular airline in her words “not possible?”   Is Court being forced onto the Qantas plane against her will, and then seated next to two groping lesbians in row 6 seat 9?

Court continued her tirade on Wednesday by claiming “tennis is full of lesbians,” which caused TV sets all over the world to tune in to The Tennis Channel.



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