5 NBA Free Agents who need a new Home

There comes a point in some athletes career where the current situation just doesn’t workout anymore. It’s rare for one athlete to spend a whole entire career with one team anymore, regardless of the reason why. This coming off-season, there are more than a few good free agents any fan would want their team to take a look at. There are 5 FA’s however that could use a new home, and they need it now.

1. Blake Griffin, F

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Lets be honest, Griffin was a good fit for this list. Blake Griffin is a really good PF in the NBA, but this Clippers team he is on seems to always be a great regular season team with little post season success to show for it.  The Clippers roster makeup will not get by the Warriors, Spurs, and clearly not even the Jazz out West.  It’s time for them to just blow it up, despite what Doc Rivers is saying. I think that most people agree Doc has to go or this

so called Big 3 with Paul, Griffin, and Jordan. So with the Clippers championship window closing quickly, Griffin is most likely going to opt out of his Player Option and cash in this off-season.  But with the Clippers not really coming remotely close to a championship, it is time for Griffin to look to continue you his career elsewhere, and there are a few good fits for him. Despite his inability of staying healthy down the stretch, his career numbers (21.6 ppg, 8.1 rpg, 4.9 apg) are not bad by any means.

So, good fits for Griffin?

Boston Celtics- The Celtics are in need of another all-star player to even think about competing with the Cavs if they’re in a “win now mode.” It makes sense for the Celtics to throw a large amount of money at Hayward and Griffin this off-season and between the two of them Hayward has a much more favorable situation.

Oklahoma City Thunder- Westbrook clearly needs help and they could use an upgrade pretty much everywhere. Griffin and Westbrook would be ridiculously explosive and fun to watch. Not only that but it can’t make the Thunder any worse.

Portland Trail Blazers- With outstanding guard play, they could use some help down low, and although Griffin is not highly regarded as a good defender, he does have the ability to grab boards and run in transition.

2. Chris Paul, G

If you thought after all of that I would leave Griffin’s teammate of the list, you’d be sadly mistaken. Chris Paul needs to get the hell out of LA. Paul has no track record of good playoff success, but the thing is, it’s not his fault, in fact he actually plays really good. In fact Chris Paul posts the 5th best player efficiency rating in postseason history.  So at this stage of Paul’s career, being on the wrong side of 30, this is his last big contract and this is a huge decision to make for him. Paul needs to find somewhere with teammates who show up for the postseason. Teams will be lining up for his services as an elite play maker and there are suitors.

San Antonio Spurs- This seems logical, very logical. The Spurs win, Parker is old, and Mills is about to get over-payed. Going into this off-season, there seems to be mutual

interest by both sides. If Paul wants a ring, San Antonio could compete with the Warriors. The only problem is the services of Paul is going to cost the Spurs Danny Green, Johnathan Simmons, Dwayne Dedmon and Patty Mills, a lot of key role players for that team.

New Orleans Pelicans- With Davis and Cousins and absolutely nobody fucking else, the Pelicans need a Guard, and having played there already in his career, the fans would take him back in a heartbeat. While they may not be great right now, they could be on the path to a top seed out West and Paul would be a huge part of that.

3. Paul Millsap, F

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Paul Millsap is stuck on a mediocre Hawks team that is not getting any better as the rest of the East tries to compete with the Cavs. Teams like Boston, Milwaukee, Philly, are all taking steps for the future while the Hawks are really not. There is a lot of speculation Paul could’ve been dealt at the deadline but the Hawks held on to him. There is always going to be a spot for an allstar F in this league and there are some good locations for Millsap.

Philadelphia 76ers- This team is built for the future, BUT, a veteran to slide in at the 4 could help the 76ers out a lot. Embiid, Simmons, and whomever they take at the 3rd pick could really have 76ers fans trusting the process and it would not be ridiculous to think they could make a run at the 8 seed.

Minnesota Timberwolves- A team desperate for veteran leadership and looking to get over the hump, Minnesota would be a great location for the 32 year old to sign. Sliding him in at the 4 could put the T’Wolves in the playoff picture for next season and seasons after that.

Utah Jazz-  The deam that drafted Millsap could use a upgrade from Favors and let him fill a bench role. The Jazz proved they’re on the right track this season and Millsap potentially could help them take an extra step.

4. Danilo Gallinari, F

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In the NBA today, there is always room for a big forward that can shoot the ball and Gallinari can get close to a max this offseason for a team looking for that role. There isn’t much to say about Gallinari other than that you know what you’re getting with him, a solid player on your team but definitely not a superstar, but a very solid player. I like a few spots for the guy to land and make an impact.

Los Angeles Clippers- Yes I know earlier I was talking about how that team needs to blow up but if they keep themselves together and look forward to another first round exit, than Gallinari is the kind of difference maker that can make this year something special, a second round exit!

Boston Celtics- A failure to land Hayward or Griffin could have the Celtics looking for a second tier difference maker and Gallinari could do just that for a team on the fringe of championship contending.

Miami Heat- Another team expected to be looking at Hayward this offseason is the Heat, and if they miss out, Gallinari is the kind of signing that could put them back into the playoff picture.

5. Rudy Gay, F

You’d have a better chance of walking out of your house right now and getting hit by a bus than Rudy Gay resigning in Sacramento. He is still a pretty good player that can’t lead a franchise but could be a good secondary player to a team with good pieces. That being said, there is a market for a guy like that with some decent potential suitors if Gay doesn’t demand too much money, more than he is truly worth.

Oklahoma City Thunder- This would be a good signing to help Westbrook get some halfway decent players on the court with him. Oladipo appears to have not been what we thought he would be and Gay could help take some pressure off of him as the second option on offense. A team of Westbrook, Gay and Griffin won’t beat the Warriors, but would cause havoc out West.

Los Angeles Clippers- Here is the thing, if you’re a halfway fucking decent forward, the Clippers should sign you. All of these Clipper signings I’m predicting are on the shoulders of Griffin and Paul’s decisions. If they stay, LA could be a good home for Gay.

Miami Heat- Literally the same reasons I listed for Gallinari apply to Gay. If they miss out on Hayward than one of those two guys paired with Dragic, Whiteside, and good young players could have the Heat in a playoff position next season.



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