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A Few Bros Put A Craigslist Ad Out Looking For A “Dad Figure” To Grill At Their BBQ

Here is an instant top 10 Craigslist ad of all time. So simple, yet so powerful. I don’t really need to say much because the ad does the work itself, but I will say when we come up with a top 10 list of Craigslist ads, expect this one on there. If you have nothing going on between 4 and 8, and you fit the criteria, it’s a good chance to get your dad on, grill some food for the ol’ sports, and crack open some cold ones with the boys. 


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  1. It wasn’t mentioned that the “Dad” wouldn’t be allowed to beat them after 14 beers, sleep with their girlfriends, berate and emasculate them in front of their friends, and then pass out bared ass-ed up with his face in vomit on a lawn chair.

    That’s a good-ol’ American dad.

    Note: This didn’t happen to me. This reply was for comical purposes.

    Again, this didn’t happen to me, this didn’t happen to me, this didn’t happen to me…

    Daddy WHY, oh why?! 😭
    Shit, it’s all coming back now.

    Thanks WTPSports!
    You baa-stads

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