Once Again, Brady is Deemed the “Bad Guy”

The Boston Globe stepped up to the plate to take their hacks against Tom Brady, to devalue him and his work, and like many others who tried, they struck out. Now, somehow and some way, the Globe is the victim and TB12 is the bad guy yet again.

In late April, The Globe came out and said that Brady’s charity work with Best Buddies is only a means to advance his own personal charitable goals saying, “Yet Brady’s relationship with Best Buddies has changed in recent years. The organization has become a major source of funding for Brady’s own charitable goals.” This whole thing was subject for debate a while after it was written so I won’t really spend time on that because I think everyone knows that story.

Fast forward to today, Brady is now being criticized again after not allowing a photographer from the Boston Globe into his charity football game for Best Buddies. I mean honestly, why would he? You openly criticized him and his charitable work for Best Buddies but NOW you want to try to get into an event ran for Best Buddies and by Tom Brady? Fuck outta here, I would have done the same thing. The hysterical part about all of this, is that people actually think Brady did something wrong. Many of those people are reporters/writers or whatever they are in the Boston area.

Like honestly people, do you have nothing better to do than complain about a guy who has done amazing things in Boston, on and off the field? If you wanted to attend his charity event, maybe don’t say his work for that charity is only a means for personal growth and devalue his work as a whole. Just a thought though.

In the end, The Globe still sucks and they need to stop crying when their own shit comes back around and smacks them in the face. What goes around comes around. Don’t blame other people for your suckiness.



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