Chris Paul Signing To San Antonio Would Be A Dream Come True For All Warrior Haters

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The new modern trend in the NBA is the phenomenon known as super-teams. It started with Boston’s big four of Ray Allen, Paul Pierce, KG, And Rajon Rondo. Miami took over as LeBron James teamed up with D-Wade and Chris Bosh. Now we have a power struggle in the league with the Golden State Warrior big four, and LeBron’s new big three in Cleveland.

However, there could be a new super-team on the horizon and no, i do not mean a fraud “super-team” like the New York Knicks were.

Rumors have been swirling lately about Clippers point guard Chris Paul gauging big interest from the San Antonio Spurs. The minute i heard this story, my eyes popped out of my damn head. This makes sense for all parties involved, SAS needs a PG now that Tony Parker is crumbling at the hands of his age. Chris Paul isn’t getting any younger and he is way to good to go out without a chip.

This would be the Spurs lineup with CP3:

PG Chris Paul SG Danny Green SF Kawhi Leonard PF LaMarcus Aldridge C Pau Gasol

Those would be just the starters not including good role players like Tony Parker, Patty Mills, Simmons, and Dedmon providing good minutes.

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Even when you take Chris Paul out of that lineup, there lies a 60 win team who did that without a star point guard. Without CP3, the Spurs had a legitimate shot at ousting the Warriors in these playoffs.

Yes, Chris Paul is ageing… but an ageing Chris Paul is still a top five point guard in the NBA, averaging 18.7 PPG 5.0 REB and 9.2 AST per game. Also shooting 89% from the charity stripe, 41% from three point range, and 52% from inside the arch. Efficiency is the name of the game and that is what the Spurs are about. They were 6th in the league in AST/TO ratio and 10th in overall assists (23.4). Statistical categories that would sky-rocket from a Chris Paul led offense would be points in the paint, they were 24th in the league in that area. Also with Chris Paul leading the break they could improve fast break points per game from the 12.3 mark they had last year which was good for 18th in the league.

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Yes, the Clippers could most certainly give CP3 a lot more money than San Antonio could. But as of now, after the Clippers lost again in the early rounds, all they are doing is treading water. When Blake Griffin see’s that Celtics offer or OKC Thunder offer, he’s shipping out and that Clipper ship will sink. I don’t see any logical situation where Chris Paul is not a Spur by Halloween. Makes total sense for both sides, the heat would be on the Warriors if this happens.

Yes Steph, i would be VERY worried.

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