New York Knicks Star Kristaps Porzingis Gets Dragged By a Croatian Instagram Model

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In sports, we have had jokes that seem to NEVER end.

Cleveland Browns football, Warriors blowing a 3-1 lead, Kevin Durant snake jokes, San Diego Charger injury jokes, Skip Bayless, and New York Knicks basketball.

The jokes keep coming, those of you that are Knicks fans just remember… about 9 months ago your guys were supposed to be a “super-team.”

Now, 9 months later the Knicks finished the season 31-51, Derrick Rose got hurt (shock), Carmelo Anthony was the center of never ending drama, and Phil Jackson even came and said they won’t compete in the near future. Nothing changed from years past, just spent a lot more money.

The Knicks are STILL taking L’s after Porzingis shoots his shot, and now it is becoming the clank heard around the internet.

Image result for kristaps porzingis instagram model

Image result for kristaps porzingis instagram model

She was saying “I’m all set bro, the Knicks suck.” I am only kidding what she really said was  “Are you sleeping well at night, Kristaps Porzingis?”

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This is what happens when you shoot your shot at an unavailable girl.

This is all on the Unicorn here, c’mon man… I know your New York star athlete, but if you are going to shoot your shot, make sure there isn’t a lid on the hoop. It isn’t hard to scroll through posts and make sure the chick is single. Idk…. maybe Kristaps was trying to pull the heist of the century, and no… I’m not talking about the money people spend on Knicks tickets.

Side note: do the Croatians have a rivalry with the Latvians? Something I thought of, but have no idea about because I had no idea Latvia was a country before the 2014 draft.

Overall, a New York Knick taking an L is not new at all, just funnier this time. As far as the attempt to charm this girl, i have to give props to KP here, i think i would of done the same thing if i was the face of a New York basketball franchise.


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