6 Really Early MVP Candidates

It’s never too early to begin MVP Speculation, and this season is no different. Despite Mike Trout winning the AL version of the award last season, I’m going to try and stay with some more realistic choices for the award because even though the Angels were fucking pitiful last year, per usual, Mike Trout was in fact the best player the American League had to offer. For example, despite his great season, don’t expect Michael Conforto and Zack Cozart to make this list.

Aaron Judge, OF, New York Yankees

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I don’t want to hop on this dudes dick like all the other analysts and sports stations (talking to you ESPN) but this dude can flat out hit the fucking baseball. As a Sox fan, I’m scared shitless every time he is in the box against our team and I don’t think that is going to change soon. Now to the numbers, which should be convincing enough to prove to you that he is an MVP worthy player thus far.

In 185 At-Bats, Judge is hitting .324/18 HR/41 RBIs/1.110 OPS

Now that is very impressive

In 549 At-Bats, last season, Trout was hitting .315/29 HR/ 100 RBIs/ .991 OPS

We’ve seen it before, players have a scorching hot season before the allstar break, and following it they simply just shit the bed, but that’s why this is early season MVP predictions. If Judge keeps this up, he is my favorite in the American League to win the award.

Jose Altuve, 2B

This man is nothing “short” of a superstar (sorry for the bad pun). But seriously, this dude amazes me and has taken the MLB by storm these past couple of seasons, proving his success is not a fluke. In the American League, second base is a position packed with great players (Pedroia, Cano, Kipnis, Odor, Dozier, Kinsler) Altuve stands above all. Image result for jose altuve

This season is nothing short of the same for Altuve.

In 217 at-bats, Altuve is hitting .323, 8 HR, 28 RBIs, and 11 Stolen Bases.

Miguel Sano, 3B, Minnesota Twins

How the fuck the Twins sit in first place in their division is astonishing to me. At the start of this article I said I was only going to put contenders on here and Sano almost did not make this list due to the fact I forgot they’re leading in the Central. Do I expect this hot start to last for the Twins? God no, but I got to thinking about how they’re even in this position, and a big part of it is Miguel Sano.

He is hitting .303 with 14 HRs and 43 RBIs.

Everybody knew he had the power, but this year he seems to bet putting together a complete effort at the plate.

Ryan Zimmerman, 1B, Washington Nationals

A man’s career that appeared to be over has found some rejuvenation this season. He is somewhat of a dark-horse candidate to win this award, but, not impossible by any means. I don’t expect Zimmerman to keep up this kind of production throughout the entire season, but once again this is why it is early season MVP predictions.  That seems negative but Zimmerman’s numbers are simply ridiculous and at some point you expect the 32 year old to slow down a little bit as he should be on his way to the all-star game.

Zimmerman is hitting .374 this season with 16 home-runs and 48 RBI’s.

Bryce Harper, OF, Washington Nationals 

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Arguably the player with the most swag and attitude has figured shit out this season and is right here in the MVP mix. If any of the Nationals players will get the MVP votes it probably will be Harper. He is the biggest key to the Nationals line-up and as he goes, they go. He sets the tone for the rest of the lineup and this Nationals team is so deep and so good, it’s tough to pitch around him as he has line-up protection.

This season he’s hitting .324/ 15 HRs/ 43 RBIs and is on his way to another all-star game.

Watch out for Harper as the season goes on, especially if your name is Hunter Strickland.

Paul Goldschmidt, 1B, Arizona Diamondbacks

A mainstay since he came in the league in 2011, Paul Goldschmidt has been just that again this season for the Diamondbacks who are off to a surprisingly hot start out West. Just like the Twins, if the Diamondbacks can keep this success throughout the whole season, he will be in the mix for the award at seasons end. Do I think they will? Again no, maybe I’m just being negative but I don’t see it.

Goldy is hitting .306 with 13 HRs, 45 RBIs, 12 SBs, and .999 OPS.

Those numbers are MVP caliber and I wouldn’t expect anything else from him.




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