The Cubs Should of Traded Schwarber When They Had the Chance

Before anyone gets all butt hurt and comes after me just humor me for a minute and I know that hindsight is always 20/20. Yes, I do know what he did in the World Series after what seemed to be a season ending injury. Yes, I do know that he just recently hit a grand salami that would eventually be the game winner in the 7th against the Cardinals. But let’s be honest, other than his very occasional power threat and rare big hit capability, he’s almost rendered useless for the Cubs. So, he should have been traded when the Cubs had the chance to get something for him and here’s why.

  1. His inability to get on base

Kyle Schwarber just can’t get on base, which doesn’t help you in anyway. I’m not even talking about this year. But in his short career in the regular season, he hasn’t been good. This year alone he is batting a horrific .163 at the plate. Which is awful, but if he is able to draw walks and get on base then I could live with it but he can’t even do that. His OBP is also horrible as it is under .300 at .293. In 2015 he had an OBP of .343 which is good but don’t forget that he only batted .246 that season. Sprinkle in the 64 strikeouts already and you can’t possibly tell me he is helping this club in anyway shape or form win ball games. If he can’t get on base, he isn’t any help.

2. His defense isn’t any better

The only exception to bad defense is if the player can hit which Kyle Schwarber is proving that he can’t even do that. So now you’re not only worst off at the plate, but now you’re worst off in the field too. This season alone he already has 3 errors in the outfield which is 2 more than he had in all of 2015 in the outfield with him only playing 5 more games in the outfield so far this year. Which raises the question, if you don’t want him catching because you have other good catchers, why not trade him to a team that needs a catcher in exchange for someone who will actually help you? I wish I knew the answer to that. Not only do they not have a spot for him at catcher, but now they stick him in the outfield where he isn’t very good and he doesn’t make up for it with is bat so yes, the should have gotten rid of him.

3. You have a stacked farm system with someone who can replace him

The Cubs easily have one of the best farm systems in baseball. So if worst comes to worst, you trade him and bring up another top prospect and see what he can do. Just look at what Ian Happ has been doing. He has single handedly put a power surge back in the Cubs lineup straight from the Minors with two homers in one game the other day. The Cubs shouldn’t be worried about losing a mediocre player because they have many other top prospects who are waiting for their time to shine.

Many of you will say this is just the sophomore slump but I beg to differ. Look at what he did in spring training and fall leagues. In one stint in the Arizona Fall league, it was more of the same as he batter .167 with only one homer. In spring training, he finally batter over .200 but never over .300 as his averages were .293, .259 and .238. All better than the .163 he’s hitting now but still not very good for someone you keep on you Major League roster.

So now the Cubs are stuck in a situation where they can’t trade him because he isn’t worth anything and that’s never a spot you want to be in.

The Cubs should have ran with his amazing postseason heroics and gotten someone who could be a consistent help to them. Just look at Panda. His postseason with the Giants was great and then he was signed for a buttload of money by the Red Sox and for a career average player, he has been less than average in Boston but you wouldn’t expect anything less if you followed him through an entire season.

I know this article may be reactionary but after looking at everything, I don’t think you can expect much more than maybe Schwarber batting a little over .200 with subpar defense which won’t help the Cubs.

They should have traded him when they had the chance, don’t @ me.


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