Game 3 of the Cleveland vs Golden State series will be played Wednesday night at 9pm. Similar to games 1 and 2, it will be a preview of the next 12 NBA Finals.

Lebron James snapped at a reporter after game 2 when asked something about holding home court.  Most likely he snapped because any mention of “home,” when that home happens to be the shithole that is Cleveland, is going to generate an angry reaction. Cleveland, for those lucky enough to not have visited, is the only city in the world that has the word ‘leave’ in it.  It often reminds me of Lowell, which contains the expression,”Oh well.”

Lebron also made news when he indicated it is difficult living in America as a black man.  An expert on anthropology was asked what Lebron’s life would be like if he was white or some other race.  He stated that a 6 foot 8 inch white Lebron would most likely be pulling down 6 figures (counting the two after the decimal point) as a dock worker or a construction helper.   When asked if there was any chance Lebron would still be a millionaire, he said, “Yes, certainly he would be if his Powerball ticket had numbers matching those pulled that same day at the Powerball headquarters.”

Kevin Love looks like he’s running in cement shoes in the series.  His numbers are decent, but defensively the Cavs might be better served if Kevin just hung down the other end and allowed his teammates to play 4 vs 5 on defense.   Kevin didn’t say it, but his play indicates that it’s difficult living in America as a white guy.  Cleveland’s best chance of getting back into the series is to clothesline one of the Golden State’s players similar to what Kevin McHale did to Kurt Rambis to slow down the Lakers in the 1980’s.    This worked in Boston’s case as the players involved were about the same speed.  Good luck to Cleveland finding someone on their bench who can match up to a Warrior running down the court.




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