Now You’re All In Big Big Trouble 

The Red Sox learned how to pitch, uh oh! Okay enough with the Adam Sandler movies references, but seriously, the Red Sox pitching and Offense is finally starting to click at the same time.

After the 5 game win streak that was far too short lived, Boston took 2 of 3 from Seattle, and the White Sox, then split the 4 game series with the O’s. Off topic here, but fuck do I hate Baltimore.

The Red Sox offense has been pretty solid, considering all things. Benny was in a slump, and injuries are plaguing the backups, along with the loss of Pedey, this ain’t too bad.

Sale is a dog, future 2017 Al Cy young winner. That’s all I got to say about that. Price is only gonna get better as the year goes on and he’s been solid in his first three starts. Porcello may be struggling but I have faith that son of a gun will figure it out and return to his 2016/2014 form. E-Rod will be out for 3-4 weeks to rest his knee, this is disappointing but a healthy E-Rod is needed by the Red Sox for the second half of the season. I use to use Pomeranz name as an insult to opposing beer league softball pitchers, now it’s a compliment. He has really turned it around, gotta give him credit. It’s astounding the Red Sox may have all lefty starters besides Porcello, when E-Rod returns and Brian Johnson is given some more starts. It’s scary for opposing teams that’s for sure

Oh yeah, Kimbrel is also a dog. 16 saves, 25.1 innings pitched, 48 K’s and only 8 hits… 8 fucken hits. Batters have a better chance of getting head from a nun in a New York subway than getting a hit off him in the 9th.

Speaking of of shitty cities, there’s an important series starting tomorrow… the Red Sox start the three game series against the Yanks in New York. Tomorrow is Pomeranz vs Tanaka. Advantage, Pomeranz. He’s been filthy lately, and Tanaka has been absolute trash… last time I said that I ate my own words as he dealt against Boston, but I don’t see that happening again as it was his only great game of the year.

Second game Porcello vs Sabathia. CC has been surprisingly good this year, I hate the Yanks but I’m actually happy for the guy after the struggles he has gone through. Advantage, Porcello. Why? Cuz Porcello is due for a good game.

Third game, Price vs Pineda. Advantage, Price. Price has been decent thus far, Pineda is a wild card and then some. You never know what to expect. He hasn’t been terrible this year but I always have to give the asvantage to the Red Sox… as you may have been able to tell.

I would really love the Red Sox to take 2 of 3, which would put them 1 game behind the  Yanks in the East. As long as they keep up the steam of not being swept this year, I will be content. At this point in the season, this is perhaps their biggest series yet.

I would love to do some #ChugsForDubs , but we will see what the series has to bring.


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