Sword Wielding NY Observer Reporter Challenges Terrorists To a 50k Pound Winner Take All Duel 

The minute I read this story I immediately thought of the Giant Chicken vs. Peter Griffin fights:

New York Observer Columnist Andre Walker posted this shocking tweet mean’t to either get the attention of ISIS or just the press.

To be honest, I’m not sure whether to praise this guy or mock him, his ideal behind this was to challenge ISIS because they are cowards:

He’s right, ISIS is loaded with cowards who use surprise bombing attacks to carry out murder.

A big problem is that it’s difficult to go right after ISIS because they hide all over the world. However, this guy is strapped and ready to start slicing skulls.

There is a part of me that wants to get behind him and start rooting for him to win this hypothetical fight, but I’m not sure the real reason behind the post. In reality, there’s a 0.000 % chance anyone from ISIS shows up because they’re cowards, it’s a safe way to challenge them from his part. They sit in apartments and hide and wait until nobody expects them. Even if they did show up, it’s probably a lose-lose situation because they would probably just cheat anyway and kill the guy with a gun or a bomb.

I don’t know if he did this for press, or he was dead serious, but if it was for press that’s a little fucked up because he posted it right after the attack, no where near David Leavitt fucked up but still bad. If he was just trying to get press, the internet certainly let him have it:

When you post a picture like this at the timing, getting mocked by twitter is a SURE thing. The whole thing is a ridiculous plea but it’s funny. Even after getting ripped by countless trolls he still states the bet remains, even after he was told to delete the original tweet.

I know he said no camera’s, but this would be a fight that is actually worth paying for if it were to be on PayPerView.

Very bad way to end this if you aren’t searching for press coverage, poor use of the overdone covfefe joke.


Overall, Andre Walker is just a very weird guy, reminds me of an awkward kid that says the wrong thing at the wrong time.


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