The first pick of the MLB Draft is who?

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Most people pay little attention to the MLB Draft, and for good reason. The draft is 39 rounds long drafting pretty much anybody talented enough to hit a baseball or throw 90mph, and it goes on for quite some time. You don’t even have to be from college for crying out loud as high-schoolers can be selected. However everybody comes from somewhere regardless of their story. Your favorite player today whether it be Bryce Harper, Mike Trout, Aaron Judge, or Kris Bryant, they all came from somewhere, chances are they came from the draft. I usually like to just figure out who the fuck the first guy is and then I’ll watch about 5-6 more picks before I start to wonder if heavy drinking is a better alternative. It’s not different from other drafts in terms of the selection process, it’s just nobody really knows who the hell anybody is after a certain point.

With that being said after watching MLB Network for a few hours and reading up on some Mock Drafts, when the Twins are on the clock on June 12th, it appears they are likely to make one of two choices, so when you hear their name called, now you can say you’ve heard of them before and don’t have to google their name.

Kyle Wright, P, Vanderbilt

While his season hasn’t been as good as he is capable off, Wright is a pitcher who is a safe pick here. He has some command issues and that has been part of his problem this year but other than that if the Twins go with an arm, it’ll be this average joe. He sits about 92-95mph but can top as high as 97mph, which is impressive considering 90mph was a tall task coming out of high school. Wright came in as a lanky and weak guy but since then has seen his strength grow which if you ask him, it’s a big reason he is successful. A pitcher with a lot of upside would not be the worst pick for the Twins as they just need a  lot of help and maybe it’ll come to them in the form of Kyle Wright.

Brendan McKay, P/1B, Louisville

Alright ladies and gentleman, we’ve got your typical Little League Superstar here, a real jack of all trades. McKay is a good pitcher sitting about 91-94 MPH and a curve-ball that’ll make you tear your ACL. A overall solid pitcher, with good mechanics and makeup,

something any team would want in the draft.

Now McKay is about to knock your socks off cause the dude flat out rakes at the plate. He could go as a pitcher in this draft but I sure hope he doesn’t because while he is a very good pitcher, he’s got the Selena Gomez of swings if you will. It’s a sweet, sexy lefty swing and the dude rakes as you can see in the video below.

So if you turn on the MLB Draft and know these two guys, you’ll be fine, just turn it off after and go on with your day.


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