Today Is The Anniversary Of The Most Disrespectful Move In NBA History 

Yes, the Allen Iverson step over move.

On this day 15 years ago, Ty Lue’s career forever remained in infamy. And no, I am not talking about those awful haircuts and facial hair he had. Allen Iverson dropped 48 points and 6 assists in the Sixers game 1 win over the Lakers. The Lakers ended up winning the next four games though, to win the series in five.

For Lue, this is an L of the century, he is literally only known for getting baptized by Iverson on that sequence. I get it, he is the Cavs coach now and has a chip. But, even now he still gets walked all over so it is ironic this anniversary is today. He is used to being pushed around i guess, seeing how LeBron is basically the coach in Cleveland, Lue was the perfect fit!

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Honestly, the worst part about that situation is Lue trying to downplay how bad Iverson cooked his ankles.

It wasn’t a big deal to me at the time but they try to make a big deal out of it.” – Ty Lue (H/T Run The Triangle).

I didn’t even think about it until they showed it on SportsCenter and they were going crazy.” -Ty Lue (H/T Run The Triangle)

My man, there was a big reason why it became a big deal, doesn’t matter if you’re in Rucker Park or the NBA Finals, if you get fried people will know. And…. i’m calling bullshit on the whole “It wasn’t a big deal” shtick you’re trying to give off. You got broken down in that sequence not once but twice. Oh yeah its SportsCenter’s fault for making it a big deal??? every time somebody has a video camera at a YMCA now a day’s they can get a viral video from a dribble move… Dude, your lucky that didn’t happen in 2017 because Twitter would eat that alive. This is what is left of his pride after that move, and there wasn’t much left to begin with.



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