When TF Is Parkour Going To Be An Olympic Sport? 

Kept from the world of people who weren’t smelly and lanky, the French finally surrendered the idea to the rest of the world that running over and across things can be kind of badass. I’ll start by saying that if you think you have a reason why parkour shouldn’t be a sport in the olympics, you’re wrong. 

Curling and fencing are both in the olympics. One is literally Olympic cleaning and the other is swinging twigs at each other for .2 seconds before starting over. Before moving on I want to say that if fencing wants to be an actual sport in the Olympic sports, then take away the glorified golf club shafts they swing and replace them with some of those Q-tip things the marines use in training. It would be way cooler seeing people smash each other with giant padded clubs than gently touch each other with straws.

Back to my point; it’s like a way cooler version of gymnastics done in an environment where you could literally die if you mess up. Just because parkour is basically done by 80% of people who remind me of the punk kids from late 90s early 2000s commercials doesn’t mean that the other 20% of these guys aren’t athletic freak shows. Parkour is literally everything that one thinks of when talking about athleticism. It includes precision, speed, strength, stamina, critical thinking, and if all of those aren’t enough to maybe change your mind, then just watch this shit.

Mind still not changed? You’re a psychopath who needs to be institutionalized. 
Ps: if you didn’t catch my French surrender jab in the first line then screw you. 



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  1. Nolo says:

    I’m thinking injuries but they have mountain biking and I saw some guys in that have epic wipeouts at Rio. One guy went over handlebars and back first onto big rocks. Spinebreaker

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