Boston Bruins Offseason Plans

The Boston Bruins had a good enough roster to get them to the first round and almost past the pests that are the Senators. They had injuries as their alibi and it forced Chubby Charlie in to action because he was not going to play but good thing he did because you can see why he is a top prospect in the country. He looked like a beast and looked to help out Chara on that first line. Now that they know they have a good defenseman for the future in Carlo and Mcavoy they can start to build some veterans around them. A good fit would be the guy from the Wild. Jonas Brodin is a lefty defenseman who would fit in this system but the only thing is he has only played one year with having played over 71 games. Something that they could give up is the first round pick which Sweeney has said he is willing to part with. This would be a pretty smart move because all of the kids he drafted a few years ago are not starting to break into the league. Bjork and JFK are looking like real players and seem to be taking over that spot. One of these kids could pair with Pasta and Krejci and be the center of the third line that desperately needs some help. Also with these kids coming up means it looks like Ryan Spooner is on his way out. The coach and the Front Office have said they are trying to move him and it’s for good reason. He is very inconsistent and just isn’t a right fit in this system. Also I think it’s a good move for him because his career is in a need of a scene change. The future looks bright for the Bruins and if Sweeney can pull of 1 or 2 NHL trades that help the team now, they could be in a spot to possibly contend for a cup. So everybody keep your eyes and ears open because this is going to be an action packed offseason for the black and gold.CHIN7223.JPG


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