Dodgers salvage final game vs NL’s best NATS.

In a potential future playoff match up, the Los Angeles Dodgers were able to eek out the final game of a three game series vs. the Washington Nationals, and avoid the sweep.

Even though, no team should ever apologize, for a win, there was still some disturbing trends in the series and the final game. The biggest problem is how far their offense can take them. And still how reliable they are on Kershaw.

In three games, the Dodgers only scored five runs. Yes, Justin Turner is injured and the Dodgers are getting fine seasons from young talents, Chris Taylor and  Cody Bellinger, but their offense is still a question  mark. It seems Yasiel Puig will never be the player the Dodgers thought they had, and Adrian Gonzales is getting up there in age.

While there is talks to potentially bring in another big arm, to add a 1-2 punch with Kershaw, the offense still could be the reason why they don’t make it to the World Series. The Nats brought out their big pitching guns in this series, and they dominated, and due to the Cub’s still recovering from their World Series glory hangover, this makes the best team in the National League right not, the Nats.

It is going to be a lot to expect some of the Dodgers younger hitting stars to carry them and consistently hit good pitching, and that is the major crossroads with this Dodgers team this year. If they plan on making it to the World Series, they can’t depend on Kershaw to always bail them out. His last six years of pitching brilliance has not led to post season success, and in a few years that window will close.

This reminds me of the last few seasons Pedro Martinez spent in Boston. When Curt Schilling was brought in to take a lot of the pressure from Pedro, that was finally the moment the Sox were able to get over the hump. As of now the Dodgers don’t have that guy whether it be pitcher or hitter.

It all depends on Dodger’s General Manager, Farhan Zaidi, to make the proper moves before the deadline to not waste another stellar year by Kershaw. Certainly, a pitcher like Chris Archer can help, but perhaps one more established big time power hitter outfielder can be the real key to get the Dodgers into their first World Series in 29 years.


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