Many People Won’t Be Enjoying A Cold One With The Boys After Beer Truck Crashes On Arizona Freeway

Today, in Tempe, Arizona a large semi carrying lots of Bud Light beer crashed this morning on a freeway at around 10:15 AM this morning according many reports.

In all seriousness, thankfully the driver was able to get away from this crash without life threatening injuries and no other drivers were hurt in this event.

(Pic via 3TV/CBS 5 &

(Source: 3TV/CBS 5)

The Arizona high way department has QUITE the mess on their hands. It is a mess to pick up that could have an award at the end of it though… even though the AZ highway department will probably be responsible to clean it up, they have a spectacular sales pitch to get volunteers to clean this up for them. Help clean up, take all the beer you want, in a hot climate like AZ, people would be flocking to the scene to lend a helping hand. Good AZ residents would go absolutely bonkers over an offer like that. I can’t imagine any of that beer would hit the shelves, so why not?

But, in this event i bet a ton of the beer was destroyed and spilled all at the scene. In that case, let’s all take a moment of silence for all the cold ones that will not make it to a bro’s fridge for a Friday night bash…

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It sucks seeing all that good beer get spilled and wasted… until i saw that it was Bud Light, easily the worst of all the light beers in my opinion. A lot of people like Bud Light though, and if you’re one of those weird people, get out to Tempe, AZ there’s a ton just chilling on the freeway, i imagine some cans weren’t ruined but who knows.

RIP to all the wasted beer…




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