Addison Russell Messing up On AND Off the Field 

It just keeps getting worst for Cubs SS Addison Russell as it has lately been revealed that Addison had been cheating on his wife and now Addison is being investigated on a domestic violence claim from Addison’s wife’s close friend.

Before anything I would just like to make it clear Addison, you messed up. Let’s not forget that his wife was a dime and if were being honest, Addison isn’t the best looking. She is definitely out of his league. So you messed that up for yourself Addison. As if it wasn’t bad enough, his baseball career could be in jeopardy depending on how the domestic violence investigation plays out. 

Addison’s wife turned to instagram to post this picture regarding the situation: 

With this post, it is clear about how this situation is going to play out. She’s outta here, unlike Addison when he hits the ball. 

I don’t know how much of a role this plays in Russell’s play, but he hasn’t been good on the field either. Once a highly expected superstar, he is now being seen as less than spectacular. He is batting .209 so far this season with only 38 hits and an OBP less than .300 at .291. He has more strikeouts than hits so far. He was also expected to provide pop to Cubs lineup but this season he only has 3 dingers. That’s less than Ian Happ has and he’s only been in the majors barely a month. In the field, Russell already has 6 errors which is less than stellar.

Overall Addison, you’re f’in up both on and off the field.  


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