For Hollywood’s sake, Lonzo needs to be drafted by the Lakers.

Hollywood, a city where hundreds of young people leave their hometown in pursuit of their show business dreams. Brad Pitt once wore a chicken costume on Sunset Boulevard to promote El Pollo Loco. He paid his dues and became a movie star. Most actors never make it past being waiters. In Hollywood you still have to take a chance because you never know what could happen. There is plenty of drama in this amazing town, whether you become a star or not.

And that is why Lonzo Ball needs to be drafted by the Lakers. Whether he is an overrated bust (which I am leaning towards) or the next Magic Johnson, his presence is perfect for the league and the city of LA. When you draft Lonzo, you also draft his father Lavar. The Ball dad comes with many sound bites, and he will be sure to be plopped on ESPN and Fox Sports, so he can continue to be an entertaining troll. The Lakers won’t be very good for some time, but everyday there will be a story.

Just one day ago, Lonzo Ball had a private seven minute workout with the Lakers, that had tons of press awaiting outside. it was pretty uneventful and who knows what Lonzo could have shown in seven minutes. Yet it was still a media frenzy. The only take was that Ball was wearing James Harden Addidas sneakers, and not his Big Ballers. Maybe he couldn’t afford them.

The Lakers have the second overall pick, and with Ball refusing to workout for the Celtics, it looks like the Ball’s will get their wish that Lonzo becomes a Laker. And even if you hate the Ball’s diva act, him being drafted by the Lakers has to happen. There are plenty of great train-wrecks disaster movies made in Hollywood, and this one might be the best yet.

If Ball isn’t the real deal, the rest of the country will enjoy the mess. A mess that could set the Lakers back even farther. And if he is the real deal, then it makes for a happy Hollywood ending. And with the NBA  becoming a two team league where we pretty much know the Cavs and Warriors will play in the finals next year, the everyday Ball drama will be great for the league.


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