Steph Curry Is The King Douche Of All Douche-bags

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On Kevin Durant’s crucial late game three pointer, Steph Curry made a questionable gesture right after the play.

Ok, anybody with eyes can clearly see he was trying to shit on the Cavs after Durant iced the game for him. Of course, Curry denied it, even though it was very clear what he was doing.

This is the type of asshole Curry has become over the past three seasons. When GSW started getting good and the “Splash Bro’s” tandem of Klay and Steph began, i liked watching them, but now it has become unbearable to watch this banana head play. I get it, he’s probably still crying about getting shit on for real by LeBron last year. The showboating, cockiness, and clear arrogance ruined my like for them.

Curry and the Warriors have to go out and scalp KD from the Thunder just to beat LeBron… and they start acting like their shit don’t stink. Oh congrats, you needed to get 4 all-stars and 2 MVP’s just to beat LeBron and you showboat like assholes? wow they’re tough guys watch out, this doesn’t surprise me one bit. Steph Curry is the type of douche-bag that would tickle Roger Clemens pink. He acts like a superstar god-like figure, but in reality he needs his teammates to bail him out of tough games, because he disappears quicker than the Texas Rangers.

The only thing that blew out of his ass was a 3-1 lead…

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Honestly, how can people enjoy this team if you aren’t from Oakland? if they lose, they complain the league is “rigged” and they have to scalp another star just to win and they continue to showboat? When i googled “curry shitting on the floor” to find the original picture, i thought for sure that i would find his game 7 highlights….

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