3-on-3 is probably the best thing to be added to Olympics since the Olympics

Today the Olympics said they will add a 3-on-3 competition to the games in 2020. Chalk up another gold medal for America. Countries are literally breeding players to take on the U.S. in the Olympics and can’t do that and now they’re adding an option to take the three best players and put them in a half court game. Come on. Adam Silver must be laughing his ass off. Now with more space with 4 fewer players, there’s more room to run and for the Americans to throw up ridiculous alley-oops one after the other. This leads to more viral clips and more international press for the NBA and ultimately, Silver being able to bathe in Benjamin’s instead of 50’s.

If teams couldn’t match up before, now what the fuck. I can pick any three people on the U.S. team and if they really tried, they could win every game 21-0. Shit, throw me out there, I may be able to score a few against Lithuania or some team like that. The three worst player on the U.S. team in 2016 were Harrison Barnes, Kyle Lowry, and DeAndre Jordan. I don’t see any other three from another country being able to check them. Harrison Barnes could work the Aussies out and win silver (gold going to Lebron, KD, and Russ (imagine that dynamic)).

It sounds like I’m complaining and I am because if I lived anywhere but the USA I would be pissed. No. Infuriated that the Olympic committee even for a second thought that this was a good idea. It’s just going to make Carmelo keep getting golds and saying how medals are just as good as rings. Now ask me if the 3-on-3 prelims come and at 4:30 AM, would I be up to watch. I always was an early riser anyways.

Isaac Fox



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