Banana Head UK Candidate Called “Mr. FishFinger” Actually Recieves 309 Votes

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Politics, politics, politics….

As we progress in time, politics continues to become a giant joke, and spiral out of control.

Today, the U.K. election was held and I saw something I would of never imagined. There was a candidate called “Mr. FishFinger” that ran as a legit independent candidate in the election. With all of the turmoil the U.K. has seen lately you would think they would have taken this election seriously… wrong, this guy ended up receiving 309 votes in this election. This is almost as bad as Americans voting for Harambe and Hennessy over 24,000 times.

As someone who loves writing about funny stories and events, I couldn’t help but laughed my ass off at this story. Oh it gets better, there were also candidates called Lord Buckethead and Howling Laud Hope from the “Official Monster Raving Loony Party” that combined to get 368 votes.

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(Lord Bucket-head pictured)

The next Future album cover right there:

I personally didn’t think a political election could of been more of a joke than the US Election, well that was wrong. The Monster Raving Loony Party sounds like an Xbox gamer tag for a 12 year kid who still plays Halo and Zelda. Maybe there is some weird English reference behind it I don’t get, but it was quite bizarre, but hey… shooters shoot am I right?? why not go for it??

I found their social media accounts:


FishFinger is a savage also, got my vote.

To make matters funnier, apparently there is a “Pirate Party” Johnny Depp must of been the candidate.



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