Cincinnati Reds infielder Scooter Gennett blasted four home runs on Tuesday night’s game against the Cardinals.  One would expect a man named Scooter to be chasing foul balls and returning them to the umpire, not setting home run marks,  so one has to wonder what Scooter’s been mixing into his water bottle.  The list of 16 other players who have accomplished the feat are sizable men who have a history of hitting homers. Gennett stands a mere 5 – 10″ 170.  How did anyone let this happen?  Scooter’s bat is no bigger than a rolling pin.   Gennett appearing on this list is akin to seeing Big Papi on the all time triples list or Cecil Fielder Jr. leading the league in bunt hits.  If you asked a baseball fan to guess what Scooter Gennett did four times tonight, the guesses would range from farted to sat on a teammates shoulders so he could see out of the dugout.

Gennett also becomes one of the worst hitters to hit four homers in a game. Even including that possible performance enhanced performance, Gennett is hitting at the modest clip of .281/.319/.431  in his career.   It’s not up to me, but MLB should step in and put an asterisk next to Scooter’s name (ie.  Scooter Gennett*)  on the 4 HR in a single game list.  Down the bottom of the page it would read

* Sucked


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