This Is The NBA Draft That Could Make or Break The NBA

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The NBA right now is starting to turn into a power struggle between Golden State and Cleveland. The Warriors are on the cusp of another chip as they lead the series 3-0, (Cavs in 7 – JR Smith).

LeBron will enter his 15th season next year, and Curry, KD, Melo, Wade, Harden, CP3, and Russ are not getting any younger. Where are we left after them? i would have to say the Greek Freak, KAT, Kyrie, AD, and Ben Simmons will have to step in their places.  But, after those guys depth in the NBA drops off dramatically. I mean, Malcolm Brogdon and Dario Saric might win the ROY…

The one and done rule is not helping because guys are not coming into the league strong enough to go against these guys for 82 games. Let’s be serious, 30 college games isn’t enough to be ready for that. Of course, some guys come right in and dominate. Wall, AD, Boogie, KAT, Giannis, Kyrie, and Wiggins have all come in and played well, but what do they all have in common? they’re all athletic FREAKS (literally). Kids, and yes i mean kids, are flying into the league like baby deer running into down-town Manhattan.

There are some guys that are skilled at the top of the last two drafts, Ingram and Porzingis are very talented and i think they will have great careers. But they came into the league looking thinner than the lead inside of a mechanical pencil.

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In this draft, we have two of the best franchises of all time at the top. Boston at 1 and LA at 2, we NEED the Lakers to be great again, it is better when the Lakers are battling for an NBA title, sorry Celtics fans, it’s true (#MakeTheLakersGreatAgain). Rookies like Markelle Fultz, Lonzo Ball, Dennis Smith, DeAaron Fox, Jayson Tatum, and Josh Jackson will be looked upon as the guys to turn franchises around. Sacramento is looking at Tatum (my condolences to JT), Minnesota is looking to Smith as they desperately need a PG, and Knicks need a guy to take over the reigns with KP once the Melo era has shipped off.

We haven’t seen depth like this in a draft in a while, ironic it comes at a time NBA depth is at a premium. In order for the NBA to get back to being a very competitive league, the big market franchises like New York, Philly, Miami, LA, Chicago (#FireGarPax), and Boston need to be at the top competing every week. Instead of a power struggle between only two teams, the NBA needs to be stronger together.

(I’m done with the corny political jokes).


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