Antonio Brown Gets Reduced To Ashes By An IG Model

Oh my we have another pro athlete getting crushed by IG models. These stories get funnier each time they come up. AB is used to burning corners on the football field, but here he got burned very bad by Jena Frumes. I almost admire her for this move, all time savage move for an IG model/pro athlete break up.

(Pic via Yahoo Sports)

I wish I could of found this tweet, unfortunately she deleted it, but… SCREENSHOTS ARE FOREVER. Dude, she tweeted his phone number out to the world and she has 43k followers! That’s the power move of all power moves. This blows the Porzingis story out of the water, not even close. It’s no secret that pro athletes love to go for Instagram models. These IG models are getting volatile, they’re adapting to crush star athletes in more creative ways day by day.

Side note: what stuff would he have of Jena’s that he kept? I mean, AB is a weird fashion guy like Westbrook. So it wouldn’t surprise me if he was trying on her rompers…

This particular case is a power move that would make Amber Rose proud. I can’t imagine how may texts/trolls are in AB’s messages. I already thought of that, a motto I love to live on is “shooters shoot.” So, here is a half court heave:

Hey, why not.

Pro athletes and IG models are turning into a love/hate relationship. I bet it’s great for both sides when everything is going splendid, but the minute things go bad, a harsh left turn results, and then these become hilarious stories.

In case you were wondering, this is Jena Frumes:

AB is the man, on and off the field.



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