Best Outdoor Summer Games

The best season of the year is right around the corner and I’m not talking about the one with pumpkin spice lattes; of course, I mean summer. Summer is one of the most relaxing times of the year filled with beaches, booze, barbecues, bikinis, and any other B words you can think of. One of the best parts about summer is the ability to have a darty by the pool or at the beach. Along with any good darty comes the festive games of summer. Here, I’m gonna break down the best ones that you should play this summer.

5. Washers

There are a couple of different ways that this game can be played. First, there is the traditional washers game with two boards with a cup in the middle.

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Although this may be the more common version, I think the 3 hole washer set is more fun.

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The washer game is very easy going and is extremely easy to pick and and play. To play the game, you just toss 3 washers and try to get them on the board/cup or in one of the three holes. Each location has its own points and the game goes up to 21. Although its ease of play is its strength, it is also the weakness of this game. There is not much skill put into this game but it sure as hell makes it great to drink with.


4. Ladder Ball / Ladder Golf

Ladder ball, as I call it, is a simple game up to 21. There are two sets of ladders and each team has 3 balls that look like bolas (throwing weapon that wraps people’s legs). Scoring is easy: the top ladder is 3 points, the middle is worth 2, and the bottom is 1. You can knock other people’s bolas off the ladders as well. This game is somewhat difficult because throwing the bolas has to be perfect to stay on the ladder. Due to that, this game requires more skill and it is just as easy as the washer game to drink with.

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3. Corn Hole

Corn hole is one of the most popular outdoor games played today. Corn hole is very simple to play but getting the bags in the hole is harder than it seems. Corn hole is a GREAT game where the players can crack open some cold ones. You only need one hand to throw the bags and the other hand is free to hold a drink. One of the best parts about corn hole is that each board can be custom made by taking a short trip to Home Depot to grab some wood and paint. Just look at this board for example, it is a work of art and it reminds you to grab a beer when you get caught up playing.

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2. Spike Ball

Spike Ball is probably the most competitive outdoor game on this list because it requires a lot of movement and the use of both hands. In other words, this game is very hard to have a drink with. However, spike ball is fun because it puts a twist on volley ball, one of the best beach sports. Since there is so much athleticism involved in this game, getting drunk and playing this game is the most challenging but who wouldn’t love to see a drunk friend fall face first playing this game?

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1. Kan Jam

For me, Kan Jam stands above the rest of these outdoor games. Kan Jam is played by two teams with two players on each team. One player throws the Frisbee and the partner tries to get the most points out of the throw by hitting the disc at the Kan. The rules of this game only allow 1 hand to be used so holding a drink in the other is easy and highly recommended. One of the most rewarding or frustrating parts of this game, depending what side you’re on, is hitting the slot in the Kan. If a player hits this slot on the throw, the game is over. Even if you’re down 20 to 0, a team still has the chance to win.

P.S. Don’t mean to be cocky but I am the king or Kan Jam and will accept any challenger.

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If you are looking to make the most out of your barbecues this summer, make sure to pick up these games, some burgers and hot dogs, and lots and lots of booze.





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