The Cubs Loss to the Rockies Makes it 4 L’s in a Row

After going on a 5 game win streak that included 3 wins & a sweep against the Cardinals and then 2 wins vs. the Marlins before dropping the last game of that series, the Cubs find themselves amidst yet another losing streak; this one is up to 4.

With the Cubs losing 9-1 today against the Rockies, their losing streak extends to four games. During this stretch of four games, the Cubs have been outscored 24-10 by their opponents. The main cause of concern? The inability to get runs in with runners in scoring position. The game on Friday against the Rockies, the Cubs were 1-11 with runners in scoring position; leaving an astounding 29 runners on base (I’m assuming they were counting the batter.) It didn’t get any better for the game today as the Cubs stranded numerous runners in scoring position on the bases.

To go along with the lack of run producing, the pitching hasn’t been that good either. Giving up 24 runs in 4 days comes out to be an average of 6 runs a game and for a pitching staff, that’s not a very good number. Not one of their starting pitchers has more than 6 quality starts. The only two that have 6 are Jake Arrieta and Jon Lester and 6/13 for Arrieta and 6/12 for Jon Lester isn’t awful, but definitely not ideal. Not one of their starting pitchers who are qualified have an ERA under 4…. Then add the fact the the bullpen has been struggling too? Good luck trying to string together some wins. The bullpen today alone gave up 6 runs after Eddie Butler only gave up 3.

I’m not quick to push the panic button on the Cubs but with every losing streak it is getting more and more concerning that this team has fallen off. But then they have win streaks as well. Hopefully they can figure it out to where they start to have more winning streaks than losing streaks.


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