If The United States Could Win A Game In Mexico….That’d Be Great.

It is the begining of the official race towards the World Cup Final in Russia next summer, that means all countries who actually care about soccer are going all in fighting for a spot to Moscow. Even though I am Italian and love the Azzuri, I really hope the USA can qualify and make it past the round of 16 next summer. As a hopeful fan, I see tremendous potential in the young US squad lead by the veterans. With the likes of Clint Dempsey and Jozy Altidore not in the starting 11 I was a bit skeptical as Michael Bradley was in. Of course, I was proven wrong by the cheeky chip he had from beyond the 18.

It did not last long as Mexico scored an equally incredible goal in the first half as well. Not naming names here, BUT Guzan is going to be the US’s downfall. That was a completely savable shot. Can we please bring back Ole’ Timmy Howard for Russia 2018? Please?

The rising star Christian Pulisic is one of our only hopes to make a run towards the final. He is the Bundelsiga rising star out of BVB who can create chances and score goals when he is on his game. He needs a little more consistency to become a world class United States Player.

Go Go USA.


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