A busy weekend in sports and a lot of ideas running through my addled brain.

  1. David Price (***Pictured above pretending to throw a ball so he can lift his leg and urinate on a dog) should have stayed down in the minors and finished the season.
  2. Rafael Nadal won his 10th French Open on Sunday.  The players on the tour would never knock a tournament, so let me say it for them.   The French Open should not be a major.  When I was growing up it was the only major that wasn’t televised.  It’s played on clay, a surface most novice players couldn’t locate anywhere on the 5 of the 7 continents.  If you asked anyone on the street today what Roland Garros is, the replies would range from, “Is it a cigar company?” to “I think he’s a gay French painter who died of Aids.”  The tournament is a joke.  If the players cared about playing on clay, you’d see more than one guy winning it on the men’s side every year and you wouldn’t see an unseeded player winning it on the ladies’ side.  Other than ‘Play Doh’ Nadal and Bjorn “Pottery Floor” Borg, most other legendary players have one or zero French titles on their stacked resumes.  It’s a tourney you win once so you can say you did it, then you toss the trophy in the case and get back to winning the majors everyone cares about.
  3. I’m seeing Michael Bradley’s goal in the USA-Mexico soccer qualifier being heralded on sports sites as the greatest goal in US soccer history.  Stop it already.  A great goal should be one with a goalie standing in the net trying to stop the ball, not sprinting backwards mouthing the words “Oh F_%$$!”   There is zero reason for the goalie to be out that far with play taking place at midfield.  It’s a colossal brain freeze, not a great goal.
  4. USA Men’s coach Bruce Arena seems like he’s done with Clint Dempsey.  Dempsey was pulled in the Trinidad and Tobago game 60 minutes into the game, had words with Arena, then did not play a single minute in the Mexico game.  Dempsey is still the player you feel is most likely going to find one in clutch time, but his work rate pressuring defenders is not high, and he has lost a step getting by center backs the way he used to.  I’m no fan of Jozy Altidore however, who did sub into the game late when everyone was expecting Dempsey.  Altidore is a very good MLS scorer but at the World Cup level he can’t get it done.  He’s slow, can’t go one on one, and although he’s strong enough to hold defenders off, his touch is so heavy you’d swear he was playing in steel tipped work boots.
  5. Sports radio on the weekends in Boston is awful.  I didn’t stay on any one channel long enough to get the names of these desultory on air “personalities”, but what I can say is the Connecticut School of Broadcasting can probably fix the propensity of these dullards to pepper the words “like” and “ya know” into their sentences with the same frequency that Hemingway used periods.  I also haven’t gotten why a great show like Kirk and Callahan feels the need to put a third person in the booth.  I want to hear them, not some idiot who follows the local team or reads college baseball scores off a teleprompter.  None of the third “wheels” is anything like a wheel, and should probably  be referred to as the ‘first brake.’  I heard Callahan comment to one of the “wheels” last week, “Wow, that is a really good line.”  If you have to stop your show to tell a person they just did a fantastic job doing something they’re getting paid to do, what does that say about the quality of what they’ve been vomiting into the microphone for the last three months?

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