5 Super Team Options for LeBron

Wow, it must suck to be LeBron James this morning. The man had extraordinary numbers throughout an NBA Finals that his team had no right in winning. And he will continue to get all the scrutiny in the World. I’m just as guilty as the next person when it comes to giving LeBron shit but give him a break. After all we should all be mad at Kevin Durant who has single-handedly ruined the NBA. And by ruin I mean completely change the landscape of how the league runs. You see when the NBA first started each NBA Champion had probably 1 superstar and as the years went on that number raised to two and eventually plateaued at 3 superstars for a normal championship team. Kevin Durant has made a new norm for 4 superstars to join a single team which just can’t happen. There just isn’t enough All-Stars in this league to have a competitive league with 4 All-Stars per team. So for that KD, Fuck You and for now I explore LeBron’s possible Super Team Destinations.

The Block

5. Cleveland Cavaliers
I think it’s important to note that the trio of LeBron-Kyrie-Love has been tremendously successful when it comes to winning. Why try and break that up if you’re LeBron? Why just not try and add another All Star if possible? Also if your LeBron, you must consider the scrutiny you will face if you leave Cleveland again. It will be interesting to see.
Potential Starting Lineup:
PG Kyrie Irving
SG Dwyane Wade* (acquired thru Trade)
SF LeBron James
PF Kevin Love
C Tristan Thompson

4. Los Angeles Clippers
While on paper the Clippers would look filthy with LeBron James added to that already star-studded lineup, I think it’s an overrated combination. I believe CP3 and LeBron are both too ball dominant to be apart of the same offense. That being said with that much talent this team could definitely compete with Golden State.
Potential Starting Lineup:
SG Jamal Crawford
SF LeBron James
PF Blake Griffin
C DeAndre Jordan

3. Boston Celtics
Yea I know I’m a psychotic Celtic’s fan but LeBron would fit great in Boston with all the young assets on this team. Danny Ainge would be forced to make a lot of moves to make this happen and develop a couple superstars around him. Including parting ways with some crucial players involved in this “rebuilding process”.
Potential Starting Lineup:
SG Markelle Fultz
SF LeBron James
PF Blake Griffin (acquired thru Free Agency)
C Al Horford

2. San Antonio Spurs
I heard ESPN analyst Jay Williams mention this the other day and it gave me nightmares to see LeBron James and Kawhi Leonard on the same team. That hasn’t even happen in the All Star Game. The Spurs would become immediate favorites to win it all and would probably dominate the Warriors and Popovich would prove his greatness again.
Potential Starting Lineup:
PG LeBron James
SG Jimmy Butler (acquired thru Trade)
SF Kawhi Leonard
PF LaMarcus Aldridge
C Pau Gasol

1. Los Angeles Lakers
Another team with a lot of young assets and a team that would need their former NBA Player (Magic Johnson) to make some serious offseason moves to develop a Super Team. I feel like LeBron to LA has been something being talked about since his Rookie Season, he was made for Hollywood. Also if your LeBron James, the only way to prove your greatness over Jordan would be to help move the Lakers passed the Celtics in Championship wins. May not seem like a big deal to you but it does to LeBron.
Potential Starting Lineup:
PG LeBron James
SG Paul George (acquired thru Trade)
SF Brandon Ingram
PF Julius Randle
C Jahlil Okafor (acquired thru Trade)


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